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7 Eye-Catching Business Card Trends for 2023

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  • Post published:August 24, 2023
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We must look at what is driving businesses in 2023 if we want to understand what is driving business card trends. And despite the global concerns of climate change, conflicts, and austerity, many are learning how to launch new businesses, achieve success, and overcome new obstacles.

We are in the era of independent content producers, side gigs, and tiny businesses in 2023. Additionally, the rebranding phase is now underway. Products that were created for a world before the epidemic don’t always fit into our current economic, social, and political landscape. Manufacturers across practically all industries are reinventing themselves to keep growing. All of those business owners have one thing in common: they need to stand out and deftly navigate a landscape that is always changing.

Through imaginative layouts, unorthodox forms, and brilliant colours, these qualities exhibit an upbeat, free-spirited rebelliousness. All of this demonstrates that producers and designers are taking risks, pushing limits, and challenging traditional business card designs in 2023.

The 7 Most Beautiful Enterprise Card Trends for 2023:

1. One Side is Fully Coloured

Playing cards featuring vibrant businesses are nothing new. They have become more and more popular as a means of contemplation. In contrast, business card designs in 2023 will be more striking by contrasting a clear, white aspect with a single, full-side colour. The opposing feature stands out depending on the outcome on either side. The colour draws attention to the cardboard and the information, whilst the plain side helps the colour side look brighter and bolder. These business cards don’t need elaborate layouts or bold logos because the colour speaks for itself.

This design progression is in line with a more general, everyday sensation of having too much, whether or if that’s a luxury of the wealthy or a typical collection of things we don’t want. Extra consumerism and grandeur are out, as well as both methods. In general, we are reiterating our emphasis on grandeur and embracing performance and comfort. Business cards must grab the recipient’s attention and provide all necessary contact information. I’m done now. And this new discovery accomplishes just that.

By Brennan Burling through Dribbble
three business cards, one in tan, one in blue, one revealing its white side with text

2. Rejecting Standard Business Playing Cards

As we deal with the reality of climate change and financial instability, the past approaches are no longer effective, and many people believe that leaders aren’t doing enough. This emotion is expressed via countercultural, rebellious designs that emphasise the personal and authentic above the refined and polished.

Many of those designs use doodles, vivid colours, comedy, and a dash of honesty to create custom, one-of-a-kind searches for each model. The essential information is still present, but with this evolution, designers are showing the world that needing to adhere to stuffy old business card rules is a thing of the past. Additionally, incorporating some cheeky humour makes people smile and adds a personal touch—which is something we could all use a little bit more of.

3. Round, Delicate Shapes

In the final section, we discussed how designers are defying traditional business card designs with a more authentic and personal touch. They’re not only promoting that strategy to become standard in 2023. As a gentler approach and response to a world that may often feel harsh and merciless, spherical, sensitive forms are also good for designers and styles who want to deviate from the standard.

By La Tecla Studio through Behance
pink business card with bold, ridged text and a round logo

Circles and other rounded forms are a powerful tool for communicating friendliness, cheerfulness, gentleness, and lightness. They have long been a preferred design element for personable, customer-focused companies. Visually, these designs distinguish between the typical rectangular form and sharp edges using circles and blobby forms or rounded and bubbly typography.

In contrast to traditional business card layouts, they have a fun and whimsical atmosphere. Partly because the spherical, sensitive forms were arranged randomly and carelessly. This casual and carefree style, which takes design cues from sticker books, evokes memories of childhood and offers a way to temporarily escape from current events.

4. Countless Typefaces

When there are too many typefaces, the design might become confusing and jarring. However, as designers demonstrate, this is not always the case. One of many developing 2023 corporation card features is the use of several typefaces. They will provide a dynamic character to the textual material by employing completely distinct typefaces in various sizes, widths, and orientations. To learn the phone number or name, the business playing cards must be turned and slanted. It’s memorable in any case.

By Rebekah Rhoden through Dribbble
front and back of a bright yellow business card with blue text and a blue logo

Designers are experimenting with fresh ideas for how an enterprise card might appear in light of this development. It’s an opportunity for owners of business cards to take design into their own hands and be more playful with how they choose to brand themselves. Designers are embracing their curiosity to look beyond the conventional, similar to many business card design trends to date.

5. Colour Schemes in Black and White

The use of colours from the same colour family is another trend we’re seen take off in business card designs. Think of it as a paint chip: a collection of similar-colored tones that are all presented one after the other in an appealing order. On business cards, the colours aren’t arranged in a paint chip pattern, but you can still see how each design uses hues that are carefully related and incorporate numerous shades of the same colour family. These are what are referred to as monochromatic colour palettes. While just using one colour, a monochromatic colour scheme distinguishes colours using tones, shades, and tints.

By Darina Pomazan through Behance
teal-toned business card with the words “mint autos” on it

Because there aren’t many colours that conflict or contrast with one another in these designs, a colourful card feels more coherent. It generates tenderness and elegance to counteract the turmoil and commotion on the world and seems delicate and simple without being stark or sterile. These designs can evoke a calming atmosphere and a sense of familiarity by being “confined in the field” with a colour palette.

6.Starting with the Item

It’s crucial that everybody looking at your business card understands what sort of industry you’re in right away. And that’s exactly what these designers are accomplishing in 2023. They present a company’s services or goods in a straightforward manner. Find out why so many of them present their goods as an icon or straightforward graphic.

By Monica Andino through Behance
various business cards in different colors, each featuring an illustration of a food

Even while 2022’s social and economic situation will likely cloud much of the predicted post-pandemic optimism, all is not lost. These images or symbols offer an engaging way to add personality and character that can inspire hope for the year 2023. Business playing cards gain a fun, lighthearted energy from it.

7. Bold, Heavy Strokes

When talking about strokes, the term weight refers to thickness. Additionally, these business card designs have thick strokes. The boldness, bravado, imposingness, and visual intrigue of these powerful strokes fulfil a variety of goals.

Due to their massive, intimidating iconography that occupies space and demands attention, these designs visually have origins in the brutalism and anti-design movements. This movement, like many before it, fights back against the traditional and established, choosing instead a style that commands attention with bold, heavy-handed typography and strokes.

With good design, communicate your brand’s message for 2023

As we navigate a world learning how to cope with climate change, conflicts, and austerity, creators are coming up with artistic ideas that challenge and revolt against traditional business playing cards in an upbeat, adventurous, and humorous manner.

If you’re able to fully embrace one (or more!) of the top 2023 business card trends, or if your industry standards need you to pick and choose which development elements to experiment with, learn how you may get ideas for your next business card design. More than just entertaining, embracing qualities is a way to demonstrate your company’s openness to new ideas, experiment with cutting-edge innovations, and show that you can identify with the general mood many people are experiencing.

Keep this in mind while you create your own business playing cards. There are many ways to say the same thing, and the most effective way to speak is the one that most closely reflects the personality of your brand.

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