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7 Best Free Video Editing Software & Apps for Instagram Stories

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Are you in the search for Best Free Video Editing Software and Apps for Instagram Stories? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here we are covering some best free apps for your Instagram Stories and Posts. We will also talk about some paid versions of Best Video Editor for Instagram Stories and posts.

As we all know Videos are more enjoyable than any other medium of film, it’s unforgettable or popular, and they are much more popular than blogs!

And ins this Instagram has played a major role! Instagram has grown in popularity as a platform for people to share their stories and the purpose of their businesses. It has over 1 billion active monthly users and more than 500 million visitors now view Instagram stories.

The great thing is that it is not difficult to edit videos. There are many Best Video Editor for Instagram Stories are available in the market where you can upload and execute your videos in minutes! You can make short videos for a story or business ads on Instagram.

I know it can be hard to find a suitable one. So, here are some of the 7 Best Free Video Editing Software & Apps for Instagram Stories and Posts from Beginner to Pro.

7 Best Video Editing software & Apps for Instagram stories


The InShot video editing software is designed for iPhone and Android users to easily edit videos on the go. However, the “edit on the go” function limits the app’s capabilities, but it is convenient and easy to use for everyone. Aside from video editing, you can also create photo collages and apply filters to pictures.

Key Features

  • Allows you to conveniently adjust the frame size for IGTV, stories, or the Instagram feed.
  • Includes necessary simple features such as trimming, chopping, and separating.
  • Blurs in the background for unused areas.
  • Allows you to install filters such as colors and a range of cool effects such as ghost, glitch, TV, and more.
  • Controls for slow-motion and fast-motion are used.
  • In videos, you can add stickers.
  • Easily you can add text in videos
  • Adjust volume, rotation, flipping and music and many more.
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The only disadvantage of using InShot is that your videos would have InShot company logos and a limited ad area if you use the premium edition. You will prevent this by spending $2.99 a month. Paying can also unlock all the functionality, but you can get on just fine on what’s included in the free edition.

Price: Free/Paid

Who's best for InShot?

Obviously, InShot cannot replace the technicality of applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro. However, if you’re looking for some nice, fast videos for Instagram that aren’t supposed to be overly formal, InShot is a great place to start.


Magisto is an artificial intelligence-powered Instagram video editing app. Magisto’s AI can generate videos for you based on sound and facial recognition, environments, and action sequences. Their aim is to construct a series that elicits emotional reactions from audiences.
In comparison to the above listed methods, Magisto has the capacity to configure you further, almost immediately through AI.
Allows you to browse your media archive and share videos from it.

Key Features

  • Allows you to use animation.
  • With a drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly edit.
  • Speed is adjusted for slow and rapid motion.
  • Allows you to use personalised branding
  • With ease, it supports HD resolution.
  • Give you a range of filters to choose from
  • Enables you to browse analyses and privacy choices
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For Instagram video makers, Magisto is one of the most functional software available. Just the capacity to upload objects in volume is lacking.

It’s free but Magisto has 3 distinct plans with different characteristics, as far as the price is concerned. The strategy you decide depends on how passionate you are about video marketing and on your company needs. The plans start with $4.99/month to $34.99/month.

Price: Free/Paid

Who's best for Magisto?

Magisto is more than just a straightforward video for people who want to make. It is ideally adapted for small and medium-sized enterprises seeking the most functions and adaptation choices to transform their videos into scroll stoppers.


FilmoraGo is an application that edits your Instagram videos free of charge. This app is worth mentioning because it is free and there are no markings or publicity on the videos and one of the Best Video Editor for Instagram Stories. This app is worth mentioning The video length you can save, edit, or post is also unlimited.

Key Features

  • Imports footage from the roll-up of camera or social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • Includes a library of licensed songs from which you can pick or import your own
  • Instagram ratio exports of 1:1
  • Enables you to undo, accelerate or slow the video
  • Allows you to choose integrated transformations, incorporate text and still and motion characteristics
  • For a thrilling, visually pleasing movie, FilmoraGo has all the components. Moreover, the fact that your video doesn’t have watermarks, advertisements or time limits is all.
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Fortunately, There are no disadvantages!

FilmoraGo is completely free of charge and is charged only for extra characteristics, such as holidays and retro results, you like.

And I don’t think we should count this as a disadvantage.

Price: Free

Who's best for FilmoraGo?

FilmoraGo is an affordable, easy way to make Instagram videos enjoyable for everyone. It’s not, though, the most advanced application out there. It would be easier to use something like Adobe Premiere Rush if you are an enterprise that wants to make super polished videos through hard editing. This helps you to connect to Adobe Premiere Pro, which can support heavier edits.


Horizon is a simple application which enables people to transform horizontal videos into vertical videos. Many amateur Instagrammers would make a vertical recording in a hurry to film life events and other interesting things: while for some people that is nice, others choose a video in a correct horizontal format.

Exactly that’s what Horizon does. You can easily change a vertical video into a horizontal video by using Horizon. There are still several appealing updates to the iOS edition, but the app is still strong on Android.

And if you do not use this for Instagram, you can use this to make it easy on other sites, such as YouTube, to view your captured Instagram images.

Key Features

  • You should have a horizontal viewfinder
  • Adds feeling of real-time filters to your creations
  • Enables you to upload objects or capture images directly on the app
  • Allow fast-motion or slowly
  • Shoots in 2k resolution
  • Tutorials about how the first footage should be filmed and edited.
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Horizon provides Android users with a free version. The features are limited, though, and up to 15 seconds only can you film video clips. Each video finishes with a brand ad Horizon. They have a watermark in the corner below. That said, it could be worth $1 to unlock all the functionality and have no ads.

iOS’s users also don’t have free version access and can cost $1.99 once. You’ll access all functionality immediately when you pay for the iOS edition.

Price: Free/Paid

Who's best for Horizon?

Instagram’s users who want a horizontal view of their videos are better served by Horizon.


Another famous and Best Video Editor for Instagram Stories is Adobe Premiere Rush. You will use it to shoot, edit, and post videos. It is also possible to make the videos accessible through all Innovative Cloud items. 

Adobe Premiere Rush, formerly known as Adobe Premiere Clip, is a free video editing software that works in tandem with Adobe Premiere Pro.

They have two types of editing to meet your needs: free form and automated. Free form mode allows you to take over and do all the editing yourself, while automated mode creates the video for you with seamless transitions and clipping of chosen videos.

Key Features

  • Allows you to sync everything to the cloud
  • Transfers your work into Adobe Premiere Pro for more editing
  • Downloads to every smartphone
  • Exports for all social media sites, including Instagram
  • Any Adobe Premiere Pro tools, such as built-in transforms, filters, and text, are available.
  • Allows you to create your own videos or have the software create them for you.
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The software is free to download and use, but it only has 2 GB of storage space. If you need more, you can upgrade to the Premiere Rush Single App for $9.99 a month.

Price: Free/Paid

Who's best for Adobe Premiere Rush?

If you have other Adobe products installed, this software would feel familiar in terms of editing. Their free form mode is one of the most adaptable methods for generating high-quality, personalized videos.


For those who like using filters, A Color Story is the perfect video editing app. It includes a plethora of free and paying Instagram filters that you can apply to your video with a single click. You can also enhance colors, arrange your videos using a grid, and do other stuff.

Purchases have over 500 filters produced by top photographers and influencers.

Key Features

  • More than 120 movable impacts, including sales
  • Over 20 specialized technologies, including HSL, curves, and targeted editing, all of which are included in the purchase price
  • Saved custom filters from your editing steps
  • Instagram grid preview + strategy
  • Batch processing
  • Choices for all images and videos
  • Touch tools for finer editing
  • BRAND NEW! Blemish reduction instrument
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Thecolorstory also has a free version and paid version in which you’ll have full access to all, With ACS+ Membership. 

The ACS+ Monthly membership is $4.99 USD per month and The ACS+ Yearly membership is $24.99 USD per year. Some countries’ prices may differ, and fees may be translated to the domestic currency, depending on where you live.

Price: Free/Paid

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Who's best for A Color Story?

A Color Story is distinct in that it is intended to brighten whites and bring a pop to colors without making the picture seem overly edited. With its Starter Pack of effects such as Flare, Light Leak, and Color Fog, A Color Story App introduces fresh creativity to photo editing. These options will help you make your pictures stand out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Foodie is a video editing app for Instagram that specializes in food content. It will bring your videos to life and make your food look delicious. Although it is mainly a camera app, it can also capture videos of up to one minute.

For the new sociable foodie, the Foodie camera app is a must-have.

Key Features

  • Season videos with tasteful live filters
  • For taking top-down images of food, the smart guide feature is easy and precise.
  • Over 30 professional quality live filters
  • Shoot vivid videos of your dining adventures.
  • A timer for capturing the perfect moment
  • Perfect for snapping selfies you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.
  • Mute option
  • Share to any platforms with ease!
  • When taking selfies or food photos in silent restaurants, enable the option.
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Fortunately, There are no disadvantages!!

The best thing about foodie is its absolutely free there is no paid version, and it’s easy to use.

Price: Free

Who's best for Foodie ?

If you want some free apps with unlimited filter’s foodie will be a good choice for you, it captures the perfect atmosphere and mood when taking food photos from above. It also uses diverse filters and detailed edits to give your photos everything from adorable charm to film camera warmth.

The Bottom Line

You can integrate videos in your marketing plan through many additional methods. This allows the user to learn more and contribute to more conversions by adding graphics to the popups. 

In the end, it’s helpful to your business to create and share videos on Instagram and to engage your followers with visuals.

These software programs will do anything for you from Time-lapses to Slow-Motion. So, shoot these applications and bring your Instagram account to a certain degree.

We hope this blog help you out for finding your 7 Best Free Video Editing Software & Apps for Instagram Stories.

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