Lookout! Adobe Launches Frame.io for After Effects and Premiere Pro Creative Cloud Subscription
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Adobe Launches Frame.io for After Effects and Premiere Pro

Have you heard that Adobe is included its video collaboration tool, “Frame.io,” as part of its Creative Cloud subscription? This news has been making the rounds in the design community.

Additionally, it has published upgraded versions of After Effects and Premiere Pro, which now support the M1 chipset natively on macOS.

All video editors, producers, agencies, and patrons will now be able to easily communicate while using the cloud thanks to the launch of Frame.io for Creative Cloud. With this comprehensive evaluation and approval procedure for post-production, editors may receive the final authorization in a way that is far considerably simpler.

According to Adobe, one may just share a link to their clip or artwork with their team, customer, or other users, who can then remark and sketch on the video. The time-stamped comments from the editors will appear right on the timeline.

Furthermore, as a benefit of a Creative Cloud subscription, video creators could:

  1. Two Frame.io users: You may now connect with others whether working from home, the office, or a set by sharing your Frame.io account with them.
  2. 5 Active Projects: Support for up to 5 ongoing projects will help you maintain your work for various clients organized.
  3. Frame.io 100GB storage: There is sufficient material to save several 4K HDR projects, audio files, LUTs, scripts, photographs, as well as more.
  4. Cloud to Camera: By using WiFi, 5G, or LTE, you may instantly upload content from your camera to your Frame.io profile.

In addition, you will

  • Members of Creative Cloud now have access to Frame.io’s market-leading collaborative capabilities.
  • The one and only commercial video creation tools with incorporated evaluation/confirmation and Camera to Cloud processes right now are Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Native M1 support has been added to After Effects, and the Premiere Pro Import, Header Bar, and Export experiences have been redesigned.

Features for Premiere Pro and After Effects interface in Frame.io

With the help of an extension, this functionality integrates the cloud-based collaboration platform Frame.io with Premiere Pro to enable real-time communication amongst videographers, remote editors, customers, and other participants.

It is made to remove typical roadblocks that might slow down the production process, such as protracted file transfers, convoluted emails and papers used for change orders and notes, and delays while transferring video on physical storage devices.

A whole cloud-based video creation system is being developed by Adobe, and Frame.io integration is the first step in that process. It has a Camera to Cloud feature that allows editors to edit footage while a shoot is taking place and provides “frame-accurate” comments and responses to modification proposals.

Lookout! Adobe Launches Frame.io for After Effects and Premiere Pro Creative Cloud Subscription
Photo by/Frame.io

Available Upgrades for Premiere Pro and After Effects

As upgrades in the Creative Cloud app, the updated versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects are currently accessible. The addon Frame.io will be added.

Cost and Accessibility

With Premiere Pro and After Effects, Frame.io for Creative Cloud may come pre-installed. Customers with a Creative Cloud subscription may access Frame.io from within Premiere Pro or After Effects by entering their Adobe ID.

In a nutshell, Adobe has just unveiled the newest set of enhancements and additions to its Creative Cloud platform, this time focused on high-quality video editing and collaboration features.

With its innovative digital experiences, Adobe is transforming the world.

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