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Free Animation Software for Bringing Your Animations to Life

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Let’s look at the best free animation software for beginners that you can download and start using today.

Animation has come a long way in recent years, and nothing beats watching the static pictures animated. Your ideas can come to life on the screen with the help of animation software.

For a visual artist, feature film, video game, game maker, or character designer, animation techniques are an essential part of the process. You will use animation tools to help you accomplish your outcomes.

You’ll be surprised to learn that there’s plenty of free animation software for beginners that can help you improve your creativity without spending a lot of money. For beginners to professionals, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Animate, and blender are excellent animation software options. In fact, if you’re a current student, you may be able to get Autodesk Maya for free because it’s available for educational institutions.

In this article, we will look at some of the best animation tools for beginners, including paid, affordable, and open source items. This article will assist you in sorting out your choices whether you are just starting out in animation, looking for an alternative to the software you are currently using, or choose to play with a totally new form of animation (e.g. conventional frame-by-frame, Flash-style animations, stop motion, 2D and 3D animations, etc.)
Some of these software products come with subscription plans or as one-time purchases with free trials or free versions included. If you are a complete beginner, don’t worry – all of these tools are beginner-friendly. Let’s find out how to animate for free? Below, we walk through 11 best animation software or apps—free and premium

Best Animation Software

Open-source & Free animation software



Free 3d animation software for beginners

Blender is an open-source downloadable free 3D software that offers powerful tools. With blender animation you can make animations, video games, renders, models, and other 3D projects with Blender. The software is open source and has been developed by many contributors worldwide. The functional software for a 3D suite is ideal for both beginners and experienced users.

animation software for beginners
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Modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, composition, motion tracking, 2d animation and video editing, which support Blender’s animation workflow from start to finish. Users also love that foreign artifacts like textures and other animations can be imported. There are many blender tutorials available in the market, so you can start from scratch.

  • Real-time viewport preview, CPU & GPU rendering
  • Advanced modeling, sculpting, and UV tools;
  • 2D mode available in 3D viewport
  • Powerful visual effects
  • Full animation support 
  • Free / Open-Source



Krita animation for 2d

Possibly, Krita is one of the most popular free animation applications. Krita features over 100 pre-loaded brushes each with a wide range of effects, ideal for manually drawn animation.

Krita has built-in brush stabilizers and a wide range of effects, which are excellent for hand draw animations. 

animation software for beginners
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Krita also has integrated brush stabilizers to smooth the symptoms of shaking hands, which makes it perfect for tablet applications

  • HDR Support.
  • Color Palette.
  • Transform Tools.
  • Mirroring Tools.
  • Brush Engines/Types.
  • Layer Management.
  • PSD Support.
  • OpenGL Enhanced.
  • Free / Open-Source


SketchBook Drawing

SketchBook is a  free animation software that can be easily used, even without the tutorial. Sketchbook has user-friendly layout. 

Autodesk Sketchbook is a drawing app to color and sketch so that the designs can be put on paper as soon as possible. It’s an expressive drawing app for doodlers, artists and designers who want to catch their designs quickly and quickly.

animation software for beginners
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There are multiple Autodesk sketchbook tutorial and Sketchbook drawing ideas are flowing in the market.

  • Perspective guides on mobile. …
  • Curved Ruler.
  • Natural drawing experience. …
  • Unlimited brushes. …
  • Work with layers 
  • Four symmetry dimensions.
  • Free 


Autodesk Maya

Student Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is the industry standard for many licenced animators and animation studios. It is suitable for the development, modelling, simulation, motion graphics and more. 3D animation software. The animations were designed for films such as “Finding Nemo, and “Avatar.”

animation software for beginners
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Its beginner-friendly and If you’re a current student, you may be able to access Autodesk Maya for free. 

  • Standard 2D/3D CAD tools.
  • Local rendering only.
  • Limited to 10 active and 
  • Editable Fusion 360 documents
  • Unlimited inactive documents.
  • Free trails/ $35-$755 subscription



2d animation software free

Pencil2D is an easy, hand-drawn 2D video animation software that you can use to create 2D videos. The open-source software is available for personal and commercial use free of charge so that you can use it for fun or make videos to advertise your stuff.

animation software for beginners
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The interface is easy and user-friendly. It’s a nice choice to begin with along with plenty of Pencile2d tutorials on the website and forums you can access.

  • Image and audio import
  • Switch between raster and vector 
  • Adjust frame rate
  • Add distortion and lighting effects
  • Onion skinning
  • Toolbar customizations
  • Pressure sensitivity
  • Multiple export formats
  • Free 


Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate Flash

Adobe Animate is a fantastic 2D animation software option if you want to create a typical cartoon. You can animate using a range of different techniques with the help of this software, including manual drawing, frame-by-frame animation, and puppet animation, allowing the manipulation of a character platform without re-designing it. 

animation software for beginners
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You can also import and animate a character built in Procreate or another picture method. Adobe Animate (formerly Adobe Flash) was used in some shows

  • Adobe Animate virtual Camera
  • Export format
  • Vector brushes
  • Audio Syncing
  • Font
  • Free trial/$20.99 mo.


Toontastic 3D

Animation Software for kids

Toontastic 3D app is a free Android Google Animation App for children, but brands can use it to produce animated 3D videos as well. You can begin with Toontastic, ideally to tell a story, by building your own character from start to finish or based on a picture posted. Then it’s time to insert a plot about your characters.

Toontastic isn’t the right choice if you want more artistic freedom and power. It is ideal for people who are new to the animated video world. You’ll soon advance to all the others on this site!

animation software for beginners
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For people who are new to the production of animated videos; intended for children, but can create simple videos based on stories and characters

  • Draw, animate, and narrate 
  • iOS & Android
  • Phone, tablet, & select Chromebooks
  • Works offline
  • Easy to export
  • No login or password required
  • Free


Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Student

CINEMA 4D is a software for 3D animation that is suitable for beginners or pro animators on all levels. The Maxon cinema 4d  software is now available for Windows and Mac operating systems and has initially been produced for Amiga (a tech firm which is no longer in production). If you are looking for 3D motion graphics software cinema 4d will be the best choice, it’s famous for motion graphics.

animation software for beginners
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You will use the painting, lighting, texturizing, special effects and more for animation. It has an intuitive interface and a personalised style that is suitable for your requirements and tastes. 

  • Lens Distortion Support. …
  • Graph View for Motion Tracker. …
  • New Spline Tools. …
  • Animation workflow enhancements. 
  • Sculpting improvements.
  • free trail/ $60 mo.


Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Student

Toon Boom is a professional animation tool used by both beginners and highly experienced animators. Toon Boom Harmony is a product that allows you to make any animation, whether it be conventional drawn animation, Flash-style animation cut-out, particulate effects, a mixture of 2D and 3D animation, and more. The famous software provides advanced design, rigging, animation and all else animation software needs to do. 

animation software for beginners
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Toon Boom Harmony is a 2D animation app leading in the industry. You may use it to animate frame by frame or to animate rigs. Indeed, this app provides special and sturdy scanning tools if you’re used to drawing your animations by hand.

  • Advanced vector technology;
  • Advanced painting tools 
  • Traditional frame-by-frame 
  • Integrating 3D elements with 2D characters
  • Special effects 
  • Different camera angles 
  • Cut-out animation 
  • Integration with other software
  • Easy export to game engines.
  • Free trial: 21 days.
  • €400/purchase or EUR €16 / mo.


Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Character Animation Puppet

Adobe Character Animator is a versatile app, one of the latest additional features in the Adobe family, enabling you to cartoon characters quickly and effortlessly in realtime. The app is easy to use. Your mic and cam will be plugged together. In the Adobe Character Animator puppet, you then upload a character primed for animation.

animation software for beginners
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In order to animate the face of a character, the computer senses your face and voice. You walk the character, make expressions and carry objects, using predefined prompts and functions.

  • Automatic lip-syncing and animation 
  • Real-time animation and live-streaming
  • Template puppets
  • Streamline recording and editing
  • Scene snapshots which act like onion-skinning
  • Free trial – 7 days
  • starts $33.99/$52.99 month (billed annually)


3ds Max Software

Best 3d animation software

3ds Max software is a very popular 3D animation software. It’s a product of Autodesk. This is an excellent place to start for beginners because you can master it pretty quickly and there are a lot of videos to start with.

animation software for beginners
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The Microsoft Windows interface includes simulation features and a modular plug-in architecture. Video game makers, several TV advertising studios, and architectural visualisation studios all use it. It’s also used for pre-visualization and film effects.

  • Graph Controllers.
  • Rendering in A360.
  • Motion Paths.
  • 3D Animation and Dynamics.
  • Particle Flow Effects.
  • MAX to LMV.
  • 3ds Max Fluids.
  • Live Links.
  •  Free trial
  • $1545/year $195/mo. Ongoing subscription

The Bottom Line

The best free animation software is measured by your level of expertise, hardware, and the kinds of videos you choose to make.

Make a list of the features that are most relevant to you in a product. It’s important to take into consideration whether you need open-source animation software or animation software for beginners, for example. The features of the product you choose can help you achieve your end target, such as educating your audience or marketing your brand in a creative manner.

With this list of animation tools for beginners, we hope we’ve been of assistance. The positive news is that all software devices come with free trials or demo versions. As a result, you will have the opportunity to explore before you buy.

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