Avoid Multitasking

Stop Juggling 100 Things Poorly By Learning To Avoid Multitasking

If I asked you to recall a time recently when you found yourself frantically switching back and forth between emails, texts, memos, spreadsheets, and 10 browser tabs all within one frenzied work session…I bet you could describe that chaotic state pretty vividly, huh? We’ve ALL been there!

And while that overwhelming urge to keep ALL the balls in the air feels like being ultra-productive at the moment, science confirms that the urge to multitask KILLS our efficiency, performance quality, and ability to make progress on meaningful work.

So continuing our journey exploring core time management skills, a crucial one becomes avoiding multitasking behaviors despite impulses and environments encouraging us otherwise. Let’s explore smarter strategies!

Why Our Brains Suck So Badly at Multitasking

On the surface, tackling multiple things simultaneously feels logical for getting more done faster. But under the hood, our brains literally CAN’T process complex information from multiple streams effectively at once.

Here’s why multitasking fails us:

Attention Splitting Causes Overload

Bouncing between several inputs at once divides our attention rather than allowing focused comprehension of any one task. This cognitive overload fuels distraction and errors.

Switching Tasks Has a Lag Time

Every time we switch between items, there is a mental “spin-up” delay in reorienting to the new context before fully engaging. This creates major inefficiencies.

Memory + Recall Suffer

When simultaneously receiving info from multiple sources, very little gets encoded properly into memory or retained for recall later compared to focused learning.

Signs You’ve Fallen Into Unhealthy Multitasking Habits

Before exploring solutions, let’s identify symptoms suggesting you’ve slipped into counterproductive multitasking behaviors:

❌ Constant Context Switching
📉 More Effort, Less Results
😵‍💫 Increased Fatigue + Brain Drain
🤔 Forgetfulness + Lost Details
🙅‍♂️ Trouble Concentrating When Needed

Sound familiar at all? No judgement! Let’s course correct.

Understand YOUR Motivations to Multitask

To successfully avoid multitasking long term, we have to become more self-aware about unconscious motivations driving the urge:

❓Do you use busyness or rushing to avoid BIG priorities requiring sustained mental focus?

❓Does having 15 things going simultaneously give you a false dopamine rush or sense of control?

❓Are you trying to people please by being accessible to everyone constantly?

❓Do you struggle to tolerate subtle boredom between intensive work blocks?

Pinpoint your tendency’s root, then strategize alternatives.

Daily Tactics to Build Single-Tasking Skills

Retraining from a chronic multitasker to a focused single-tasker takes patient practice applying these concepts:

Consolidate Similar Tasks

  • Group related efforts together in specific 60-90 minute time blocks. Example: making sales prospect calls back-to-back then moving wholly into report analysis work.

Silence Distracting Pings

  • Close tabs, mute phone notifications, etc before beginning deep work blocks eliminating tempting switches.

Use Transitional Timers

  • Rather than context switch constantly, set a 5-minute timer between tasks allowing the mind to refocus fully.

Pick ONE Main Priority

  • Ask daily: “If I could only complete one thing today, what would it be?” Make that your sole objective until reaching a milestone.
  • Commit to trying each tip consistently for 2 weeks. Deeper concentration abilities WILL form allowing better work with less wasted effort!

Sort Life’s Roles Into “Focused Time Buckets”

Beyond general task organization, a helpful framework for improving single-tasking skills is dividing key life domains into discrete FOCUSED TIME BUCKETS in your calendar.

It might look like this:

Career Bucket 💼

  • Strategic project work where you think deepest and create the best

Connnection Bucket 🤝

  • Quality relationship-building time without distractions

Health Bucket 🧘‍♀️

  • Rejuvenating movement or self-care rituals

Growth Bucket 📚

  • Reading, online courses, inspirational or educational inputs

Defining these key buckets mandating your full presence when “on the clock” for each massively increases your ability to avoid task-splitting tendencies. You’ve literally built divided focus into your schedule already!

When IS occasional multitasking appropriate?

While generally aiming to avoid multitasking for complex efforts is wise advice, OF COURSE, there are limited contexts where toggling between a couple of straightforward tasks simultaneously makes logical sense.

📲 Waiting on hold → scan emails
🚗 Listening to podcast → folding laundry
🥗 Cooking basic foods → texting friends

The key distinction is limiting “background tasking” multitasking to simple repetitive actions not degraded by splitting focus from monitoring another domain simultaneously. But any demanding mental work still necessitates avoiding multitasking!

Further, Accelerate Avoiding Multitasking With Tools

In conjunction with the behavior shifts above, leverage productivity tools helping reinforce single-tasking too!

Focus Apps

  • Block distracting websites/apps for the duration of work blocks

✔Todoist, Trello, Asana

  • Consolidate and schedule tasks in dedicated platforms with reminders


  • Designate certain days or blocks for specific life roles
  • Don’t just white knuckle avoid multitasking alone – let technology assist where helpful!

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I know how alluring tackling 20 things poorly can feel compared to laser focusing on one priority successfully. But remembering our brains’ wiring limitations helps motivate sticking to single-tasking best practices!

Be patient while working to avoid multitasking urges. The increased sense of order, intentional progress toward goals, and lowered stress levels will keep you on track!

What obstacles most commonly sabotage your single-task intentions under your time management skills? Let’s troubleshoot together!

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