Best Lightbox for Tracing Illustration To Enhance Your Design Process

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I recently purchased the tracing table or Lightbox for tracing my illustrations after realizing how much time I was wasting on drawing out my own designs due to how intricate they were. I was frustrated because it was taking me hours to draw these complicated designs when I could be doing more useful things with my time. The lightbox was a godsend, and I can now complete my work much more quickly than before.

Many people find it challenging to decide which type of lightbox to purchase. Lightboxes are available in a wide range of styles, dimensions, and functionalities. We have reviewed the top 2023 tracing lightboxes so you can pick the right one for your needs.

What exactly is a lightbox?

The artists who need to duplicate earlier work or recreate it in a different size for display purposes are most likely to use a lightbox. They typically come in a variety of shapes and are made of glass or acrylic. You can use it as a digital sketchbook if you’re an artist.

With these lightboxes, you can sketch or draw directly in front of the light, which is useful for ensuring that the proportions are accurate. Since you can see what you’re drawing more clearly through the transparent overlays that are placed on top of your original artwork, it can also help with creating textures when drawing landscapes.

When painting or drawing on white paper, many people use them. This kind of tracing table is designed to make tracing paper more visible on the desk surface, making it simpler and more precise to trace images or designs onto drawing paper. For many people who use it for a variety of purposes, including designers, architects, engineers, and artists, it has become a standard tool.

Lightboxes are no longer just for Photoshop users; in fact, many designers prefer them because they give them more creative control and require less guesswork. Not only is a lightbox used to trace over an existing design for digital use, but it also assists artists in avoiding sketching errors. Drawing over a photo with it is also advantageous.

The Importance of Lightboxes for Trace Artwork

In order to better visualize and present their work, designers often use a lightbox as a tool in the process. Designers can benefit from using lightboxes as tools. As a result, Lightboxes are frequently used to present a design aesthetic. In the design process, they are also used to aid in idea visualization and more concrete presentation. They have also been shown to improve project success rates by assisting designers in producing outstanding graphics and layouts. The best lightboxes are those with a grid so the designer can use the lines to trace their work onto paper using a pencil or charcoal. Dyslexics can benefit from lightboxes as it is simpler to create letter shapes when following the lines. There are a few reasons why the lightbox is an important tool for designers to use;.

  • Placing the artwork on top of a lightbox and using the back as a light source is its intended use.
  • You will then be able to copy or trace your drawings onto another piece of paper.
  • For this reason, artboards and tracing paper are two necessary tools.
  • The use of lightboxes allows you to draw more easily and makes it easier to transfer your artwork to other surfaces.
  • It is the best design tool for animation, stencil sketching, tattoo transferring, panting, and other artistic endeavors.
Best Lightbox for Tracing Illustration To Enhance Your Design Process

How to Make the Best Light Box Decision Based on Your Needs?

Each and every professional artist needs a light box. For tracing, sketching, and other artistic endeavors, lightboxes are ideal. The light shining behind the paper ensures that all of your lines are visible, making it simpler to see the shapes on the page.

Lightboxes are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Before you purchase one, it’s critical to understand why you’ll need it. This will assist you in locating the ideal lightbox for your requirements.

Type of Design

When selecting a lightbox, you should first think about its durability and whether it will meet your needs for an extended period of time. Although they are more expensive, acrylic lightboxes are also more expensive than glass ones. Before choosing one material over another, you should take into account what your budget will allow.

Dimensions of the Workspace

The surface area of most large-scale backlit display panels can range from 6′′ x 9′′ to 18′′ x 24′′, depending on how large it needs to be and whether it has a surface that is simple to erase on. It will be more fruitful the larger the surface.

Power source

There are three different categories that lightboxes fall under: power sources.

  • USB: A USB-powered lightbox might be the perfect solution if you’re looking for a portable lightbox. A power bank, computer, or the USB/AC adapter that came with your smartphone are all options, giving you more flexibility.

  • AC adapter: Lightboxes powered by AC are generally less prone to flickering and can provide more consistent lighting. For those who will be using a lightbox all day, they are suitable.

  • Battery: Battery-powered lightboxes are an excellent choice for designers who don’t use them frequently. For those who want to use the lightbox more irregularly, the batteries’ lengthy lifespan makes them ideal.

Levels of light adjustment.

You can account for the thickness of your paper using the three brightness settings that are typically provided by lightboxes.

Brightness needs to be higher when using thicker paper to make sure the light gets through. On the other hand, if you’re using thinner paper, you can dim the light to potentially lessen the strain on your eyes.


Size has a significant impact on the weight and volume of a lightbox. The average weight of the lightboxes we have examined so far is 8lbs. Although taking your lightbox on the road might not seem like a big deal, doing so can be tiresome. To avoid any problems, find out in advance if you can bring it on the desired flight.


A lightbox’s price will depend on its dimensions and weight. 50 to 500 dollars is the usual price range. Professional photographers should buy a more pricey lightbox right away. Additionally to being more useful, they also last longer.

Best Lightbox on the Market for Tracing Drawings


Huion L4S LED Light Box A4 Ultra-Thin USB Powered Adjustable Light Pad for Tracing and Artist Glove

as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm


Huion L4S Protable Ultra-thin LED Light Pad Acrylic Panel LED Drawing Light Pad Powered by USB with Adjustable Brightness

 in stock
as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm

The Huion L4S Light Box is a fantastic product. It is a 17.72 Inches USB ADJUSTABLE Illumination Light Panel only 5mm Thin Light Table with 5 A4 Tracing Papers. It has many features that can be applied to a variety of situations. The best feature of this product is how thin and light it is, which is great for people who want to conserve space and move around with ease.

This product also comes with a pen holder and five tracing sheets, making it simple to use the product as intended. The fact that this product’s light intensity and angle (8-direction) can be changed is another plus. This ought to be the lightbox you choose if you’re looking for a good one!

Dimensions: 14.17 x 10.62 x 0.20 inches | Working area: 12.20x 8.26 inches | Weight: 0.6KG | Brightness: 745cd/m² Power: USB | Working Surface: Acrylic


HUION LA3 LED Tracing Light Box, Portable USB Copy Board Dimmable Brightness Tatto Light Pad - A3 Size

as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm


Huion LA3 Protable Ultra-thin LED Light Pad Acrylic Panel LED Drawing Light Pad Powered by USB with Adjustable Brightness

 in stock
as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm

For artists, illustrators, designers, and other professionals who require a portable light source, there is the HUION LA3 Portable USB LED Tracing Light Box Dimmable Brightness Tatto Light Pad. It has an internal USB port that is compatible with any laptop or PC.

With touch buttons on the product’s side, the device has a brightness adjustment feature that allows users to change the intensity of the LED lights that are embedded in the pad’s surface. The Huion LA3 isn’t just a lightbox, unlike other products on the market.

Dimensions: 18.82 x 14.17 inches | Working area: 16.9 x 12.2 inches | Weight: 1.65kg | Brightness: 730cd/m² | Power: USB, AD | Working Surface: Acrylic


Huion A2 Large Tracing Light Box, AC Powered Light Pad, Adjustable Brightness (20.47" X 12.6")

as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm


Huion LED LightTracer Ultra Thin Light Board, A2 Light Box

$141.88  out of stock
as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm

Lightboxes are a fantastic tool for assisting designers and artists in seeing their work clearly, but they can be costly and challenging to set up. A light pad that fits on any desk has been made by Huion to be reasonably priced.

Artists can create or trace their work with the Huion A2 Light Pad. Both professionals and beginners will find it useful because of its lightweight design, adjustable brightness, and simple setup. The A2 Light Pad is advertised as a more affordable alternative to other lightboxes on the market, but it shares many features with them, such as adjustable brightness and a cordless power source.

Dimensions: 22.44 x 14.68 x 0.31inch | Working area: 20.47 x 12.59inch | Weight: 2.5kg | Brightness: 550cd/m² | Power: AD | Working Surface: Acrylic


Voilamart A2 LED Tracing Board Light Box Light Pad Illumination Light Panel, Dimmable Brightness w/Paper Clip 2 Cables, for Art Craft Drawing Stencil Sketching

as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm


Voilamart A2 LED Tracing Board Light Box Light Pad Illumination Light Panel, Dimmable Brightness w/Paper Clip 2 Cables, for Art Craft Drawing Stencil Sketching

$113.95  out of stock
as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm

The Voilamart LED Tracing Board Light Box Light Pad Illumination Light Panel is the ideal option for designers and artists who want to trace their sketches or drawings in a soft, even light. In order to be used in both low- and high-light conditions, the panel also has a brightness setting that can be adjusted. Its wide viewing angle and dimmable feature let you adjust the brightness to suit your needs. It is simpler to hold up your drawings when you use the light pad and paper clips.

Many different applications can be made use of this LED tracing board. It is ideal for designers, architects, artists, and anyone else who needs to work on a project at night.

100%, 50%, and 25% are the three brightness settings that are available. This light tube is blinding when set to 100% brightness; at 50% brightness, it produces about the same amount of light as a typical table lamp.

Dimensions: 25.4 x 18.7 inches | Working area: 23.8 x 17 inches | Weight: 2.7kg | Brightness: 3100cd/m2 | Power: AD |  Working Surface: Acrylic


LitEnergy A4 Ultra-Thin Portable LED Light Box Trace USB Power LED Artcraft Tracing Light Table for Artists,Drawing, Sketching, Animation

as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm


TSV A4 / A5 Led Tracing Light Box Tracer Pad Bright Tablet Portable Ultra-Thin USB Power Board for 5D Diamond Painting Drawing

 out of stock
as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm

Making it simple and effective to work with light is what LITENERGY does. Designers, artists, and illustrators will appreciate the LITENERGY Portable A4 Tracing LED Copy Board LightBox. It functions both as a tracing pad and a copy board.

The LITENERGY Portable A4 Tracing LED Copy Board Light Box has an ultra-thin design and adjustable USB power. For the greatest flexibility in your workspace, the LED lights can be dimmed to one of three brightness levels.

Dimensions: 14.2 x 10.6 inches | Working area: 12 x 9 inches | Weight: 680g | Brightness: 4000 lux | Power: USB | Working Surface: Acrylic


A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box Tracer USB Power Cable Dimmable Brightness LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad for Artists Drawing Sketching Animation Stencilling X-rayViewing

as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm


TSV A4 Ultra Thin LED Light Box Tracer W/ 3 Level Brightness, Portable LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad Light Box for 5D DIY Diamond Painting Artists Drawing Sketching Animation Streaming

 in stock
as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm

Those who want to sketch and draw will find this lightbox to be a fantastic option. It is ideal for those who like to color their sketches or want to make their drawings more vibrant because it has five brightness settings and a wide range of colors. Since it has a dimmer switch, users can also change the backlight.

The lightbox weighs less than 5 pounds and is only 5mm thick, making it lightweight and portable. Additionally, it has a back easel that enables users to set it up on any flat surface they desire.

Users appreciate that this lightbox doubles as a tracing pad, which is useful for people who enjoy drawing on paper but need assistance transferring their drawings to computer screens. The lightbox’s sleek, contemporary design complements its straightforward, user-friendly functionality.

Dimensions: 14.1 inch x 9.4 inches | Working area: 12.24in x 9.17in | Weight: 675g  | Brightness: 5,000 to 14,000 lux  | Power: USB  | Working Surface: Acrylic


US ART SUPPLY Lightmaster 32.5" Extra Large(A2) 17"x24" LED Lightbox Board Ultra-Thin 3/8" Light Box Pad and 110V AC Power Adapter Dimmable LED with Measuring Overlay Grid & Circle Template/Protractor

as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm


US ART SUPPLY Lightmaster 32.5" Extra Large(A2) 17"x24" LED Lightbox Board Ultra-Thin 3/8" Light Box Pad and 110V AC Power Adapter Dimmable LED with.., By Brand US Art Supply

 out of stock
as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm

When you want to make an appealing display of your artwork, this lightbox is the ideal choice. It is easy to put together, made of high-quality materials, and has an LED light source.

With a lifespan of 50 000 hours, the LED light source can be used for a very long time. The LEDs’ brightness is comparable to that of many other sources in this price range.

These boards are ideal for photoshoots and presentations where you want to prevent glare on your artwork or photographs. Even if it is not covered by glass or other materials, it has an edge that prevents spills from falling onto the surface below it. People who are looking at your work closely will have a better viewing experience thanks to the board’s lack of glare.

Dimensions: 26 x 36 inches | Working area: 24 x 34 inches | Weight: 8.6kg | Brightness: 11W LED Panel | Power: AC | Working Surface: Acrylic


Artograph LightTracer 2 LED Lightbox for Art, Tracing, Drawing, Illustrating, Animation, Sewing

as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm


Artograph LED Light Tracer II Light Box, 12" x 18" Surface

 in stock
as of March 25, 2023 2:24 pm

For artists and illustrators, Artograph LightTracer is an LED lightbox. It is a very adaptable drawing table that can be used in a variety of ways to suit your unique needs. Everyone, regardless of age or skill level, can use this lightbox. Even with little natural light in the room, you can still work comfortably on it thanks to its adjustable brightness levels.

While using the tablet or laptop screen, the built-in stand eliminates the need for any additional stands or tables. You can keep your pen, pencil, and any other supplies you need nearby on the storage tray that comes with this lightbox. It is simple to carry the lamp with you and use it wherever you are working because it is lightweight and portable.

Dimensions: 10 x 12 inches | Working area: 15.6 inches | Weight: 1.2kg | Brightness: 5,000 to 14,000 lux Panel Power: AC | Working Surface: Acrylic


Your choice ultimately determines the conclusion. Making due with what you already have is always an option, as is going the “extra mile” and purchasing a lightbox.

Lightboxes are unquestionably an excellent tool to use when you need to measure your artwork precisely. They are an indispensable tool to have in your design process because they also offer a great environment for tracing images and can be used successfully in designing logos or hand-lettering. Share your experiences if you’ve used these lightboxes for drawing tracing.


How exactly does a Lightbox for Tracing Illustration work?

A tool called A Lightbox for Tracing Illustration is used by designers and artists to trace pictures or illustrations. In order to make it easier to see the details and lines for tracing, it uses a bright backlit surface that you can place your artwork or reference image on top of.

What are the advantages of using a lightbox for tracing illustrations?

The advantages of using a Lightbox for Tracing Illustrations include increased accuracy and precision when tracing images, the capacity to see details and lines more clearly, and decreased eye strain when tracing for prolonged periods of time.

Which on-the-market Lightboxes are the best for tracing illustrations?

The Daylight Slimline LED Lightbox, the Huion A3 LED Lightbox, and the Artograph LightTracer are some of the best lightboxes for tracing illustrations currently available.

How do I pick the best lightbox for tracing drawings?

Take into account aspects like the lightbox's size, the LED lights' brightness and color temperature, as well as any additional features like adjustable brightness or USB connectivity, when selecting a lightbox for tracing illustrations. It's crucial to consider the type of work you'll be doing as well as the size of the images or illustrations you'll be tracing.

Do any Lightboxes for Tracing Illustrations offer good value?

Yes, there are reasonably priced Lightboxes for tracing illustrations available. The Huion A3 LED Lightbox and the Artograph LightPad Lightbox are two excellent choices that provide good value for the money.

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