coca cola nft auction

Coca-Cola NFTs auctions are live now, should you buy them

Brands like Coca-Cola are now entering into the Ethereum Metaverse

Yes, you read it right!

The Coca-Cola NFTs auctions are live now.

On this International Friendship Day, one of the most recognized multinational American beverage companies, Coca-Cola, plans to issue a set of non-fungible tokens, called NFT, on digital marketplace OpenSea as a single lot to raise money for Special Olympics International.

I believe that this year will be the year of the NFT. More Businesses Are Entering The Ethereum Metaverse and some brands appear to be more focused on developing an NFT than on connecting with the proper audiences, adding that NFTs should be treated seriously rather than published as jokes.

So, all you soft drink fans and amazing nft collectors now are the time to collect all your coco-cola nfts (The Friendship Box NFT) and show your support for the company (if you thought).

Let us just go into this and learn more about when, where, and how this will happen.

Q1. What are NFTs?

NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles that reside on the blockchain and represent various file formats like pictures, audio, and video. This topic has already been discussed in detail, including what NFTs are, their usage, and more; you should have a look at it.

nft meaning

The Coco-Cola NFTs auctions are live now, buy now!

Q2. When Coca-Cola NFT auctions will start?

The Coca-Cola NFTs will go on sale on International Friendship Day, July 30, 2021, at 12:01 a.m. UTC, and will finish on August 2, 2021, at 8:00 p.m. UTC, with a four-day public sale on the Opensea Marketplace.

It features an NFT “loot box” which contains digital wearables jackets for avatars designed by Tafi.

“We are excited to share our first NFTs with the metaverse, where new friendships are being forged in new ways in new worlds, and to support our longstanding friend and partner, Special Olympics International. Each NFT was created to celebrate elements that are core to the Coca-Cola brand, reinterpreted for a virtual world in new and exciting ways.”

In a news statement, Selman Careaga, president of Global Coca-Cola Trademark, said

Q3. How to enter in Coca-Cola NFTs collection auction?

All the soft drink lovers can submit bids in Ether (ETH) through OpenSea until August 2.

This NFT is a reinterpretation of the iconic Coca-Cola 1956 vending machine for the metaverse. It’s inspired by the video-game loot boxes, the Friendship Box contains four dynamic and rare 1-of-1 NFTs as well as secret surprises that will only be discovered when opened.

Q4. What is inside The Coca-Cola NFT Friendship Box?

The beverage coca-cola, on this International Friendship Day, presents their first-ever Coca-Cola NFT loot package. The Coca-Cola Friendship Box is a digital replica of a collectible vending machine that contains three unique digital assets.

Key qualities of "Friendship Box NFTs"

  • The Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket Wearable​

  • The Coca-Cola Vintage Cooler

  • The Coca-Cola Sound Visualizer

  • The Coca-Cola Friendship Card

  • Plus more surprises

Let’s take a deep look at what we got in this Coca-Cola NFT loot box  (Friendship Box NFTs).

The Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket Wearable

Classic delivery uniform updated in a modern manner. Limited edition of 1 piece each. With the unlocked version, it’s possible to use Decentraland, a digital reality environment built on Ethereum, to play.

coco cola nft auctions jacket

The Coca-Cola Vintage Cooler

In the metaverse, Coca-1956 Cola’s vintage vending machines have been reimagined.

coco cola nft auctions

The Coca-Cola Sound Visualizer

Coca-iconic Cola’s fizz and fizzing sound may be captured utilizing readily recognized audio cues.

coco cola nft auctions sound

The Coca-Cola Friendship Card

Digitally reimagining Coca-classic Cola’s friendship trade card from the 1940s. The card is inscribed with the phrase “Symbol of Friendship”.

coco cola nft auctions card

Plus more surprises!

When the auction is won and the Coca-Cola Friendship Loot Box is opened, further valuable and unique hidden surprises will be discovered!

Q5. Who is Tafi the Coca-cola partnered?

Coca-Cola has collaborated with Tafi, a digital art, and avatar business, to produce its first digital collection of NFTs or non-fungible tokens. It was inspired by shared friendship moments.

He is the main producer of bespoke 3D material for avatar and emoji systems, and Virtue, the Vice agency that developed the basic concept.

Coca-Cola NFT auctions is dedicated to charity

A portion of the proceeds from the Coca-Cola non-alcoholic beverage auctions go to charity. Coca-objective Cola’s for the sale of its first NFTs is completely philanthropic, with revenues going to a close friend, Special Olympics International.

All Coca-Cola auction earnings will be donated to Special Olympics International, Coca-friend Cola’s and partner for the past 53 years.

Q6. What is OpenSea Marketplace?

OpenSea is the world’s first and largest marketplace for user-owned digital commodities, such as collectibles, gaming items, domain names, digital art, and other blockchain-backed assets. For more information, visit

Q7. What is Coca-Cola brand?

I realize it’s a joke, but who hasn’t heard of Coca-Cola, or Coke? Coca-Cola is the world’s most well-known, biggest, and well-recognized non-alcoholic beverage company. Even in nations where Coca-Cola is not produced, numerous businesses would import it from coastal regions. The brand constantly cultivates a strongly devoted fan base in both its main drink and its many franchises.

Coca-Cola’s Business

It’s tough to imagine a country where it isn’t available. They have goods in over 200 nations and territories. They promote their brand with various Coca-Cola ad using renowned celebrities and hashtags such as #coca-colaIndia, #coca-colaAmerica, #coca-colaPhilippines, and so on.

Coca-Cola has four geographic product lines and two non-geographic product lines:

Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Bottling Investment Group (BIG), and Global Ventures (GV).

The NFT Crypto News

As you can see, nfts tokens are dominating the main streams and people are adopting them. Coca-Cola is just one of several well-known companies testing with NFTs this year. Recently on 11th July 2021, Stormx has launched their first NFTs @SelectCTKR collection (shrug-nft).

Coin telegraph revealed in August that New Zealanders and Australians may purchase the well-known carbonated drink and others using cryptocurrency, thanks to a collaboration between digital asset platform Centrapay and Coca-Cola Amati.

Not only that but Campbell’s collaborated with artist Sophia Chang and the shoppable video app NTWRK on Wednesday to produce an NFT collection that celebrates the soup company’s newly styled label. While Taco Bell was one of the first to get on the NFT bandwagon with a line of “limited edition” taco NFTs, premium companies such as Dolce & Gabbana have produced their own high-fashion NFT collections as recently as this month.

Binance and Wazirx have also launched NFT tokens on their treading app.

Final Thoughts

I believe 2021 will be the NFTs year, as you can see how the large brands are getting involved and embracing decentralized internet technology.

The stakes are high for branded NFTs since consumers are more likely to buy one from a celebrity than a corporation, and fan groups of crypto enthusiasts and artists set a high standard for marketers looking to enter the field.

NFTs are digital assets underpinned by blockchain technology that has gained popularity among artists and cryptocurrency enthusiasts this year.
There is a very strong NFT community, and I believe that community will continue to generate buzz.

As you can see, the game is growing in size. Do you believe it’s a charade?
Seeing as how the game is growing in popularity, do you believe this is a sign of change or simply a fad?
Do let me know in the comment area,

Till then,

Keep exploring.


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