DesignEvo Logo Maker- A Quick Guide to Making a Logo for Your Brand

Overview of DesignEvo

DesignEvo logo maker is a fully online platform where you can create logos from very high-quality templates and icons.

You have the possibility to customize the templates in depth by replacing the icon, text, color, shape, etc. Therefore you are able to create a very original logo while starting from a template. It also gives you the option to start from a blank template.

Why should you use DesignEvo?

If you are planning to get online with a website, blog, or brand, you will need to create a logo that matches your branding image, so you will need to choose the best software to create a logo for your digital identity. This is where the DesignEvo logo maker comes from.

Here are the features of the DesignEvo logo maker:
⦁ It is exclusively designed for creating a logo with a simple interface.
⦁ It comes with 10,000+ templates for logos of different fields.
⦁ You can choose from the millions of icons to replace the default one.
⦁ 100+ stylish fonts, including classic and art styles.
⦁ It allows you to save high-quality logo files for printing.
⦁ You can save your logo to the cloud and make changes anytime you want.
⦁ It offers you multiple logo formats (JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG) and copyright.
⦁ You have the option to preview the logo result on your T-shirt, website, business card, etc.

How to use DesignEvo?

Suppose you want to create a logo for your YouTube channel. You can start by searching for a template in the search bar or just start from scratch without any template.

The simplest option is to choose a template to edit and add icons, shapes, and text from each respective tab.

You can drag any elements to reposition them and click on any element to edit it from its top toolbar. For example, you have the option to change the color of a rectangle to your brand colors.

In the Icon tab, you can search for any image to add to your design. Let’s look for a “social media” icon by typing it in the search bar. When you click on the icon, you’ll notice that you can make manual adjustments or even flip it horizontally or vertically. You can duplicate it, change its positioning relative to other elements on your page, increase or decrease its transparency, or delete it.

In the Text tab, you can add a company name, slogan, or body text to your logo. You can also double-click the text to edit it as well as customize the font, size, color, etc.

In the Shape tab, you can add a variety of shapes to your logo design, such as banners, lines, symbols, and other icons.

Once you’re done creating your logo design, choose the file type, size, and any other options and click the “download” button to have the file logo on your computer. That’s it.

Where can you download the DesignEvo app?

⦁ Here’s the link to ⦁ DesignEvo for Web
⦁ Here’s the link to ⦁ DesignEvo for mobile
⦁ Here’s the link to ⦁ DesignEvo for desktop

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