4 Ways Minting NFTs vs Buying NFTs Can Help You Live to 100

4 Ways Minting NFTs vs Buying NFTs Can Help You Live to 100

An NFT can be obtained in one of two methods. You can purchase it from another person or you may either mint it or use it as a garnish. But what exactly do these phrases signify, and how do they vary from one another?

If you really want to trade inside this market of NFTs, you need to know the difference between buying vs minting NFTs. This will frequently have an impact on the token’s value.

This post should bring you up to scratch so that you can better understand what makes the NFT marketplace so much hyped! Let’s take a look at what’s going on here.

What is an NFT?

NFT is an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token. A “fungible” item is one that may be traded for an equivalent object, such as a $1000 dollar for another $1000 dollar.

Cryptocurrencies are fungible because they employ a digital public record of transactions known as a blockchain.

NFTs are digital assets that can be purchased and traded via blockchain technology. However, They aren’t fungible, though, thus they’re a distinct kind of asset.

A few have traded for huge amounts of money, such as an NFT by digital artist Beeple that sold for an eye-popping $69.3 million at Christie’s in March.

Perhaps one of the most highly prized NFTs, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, are made available through collections of thousands of distinct individual images.

Their owners regard them as inherently fashionable, and they love bragging about their acquisitions by using them as social media avatars.

However, the tokens aren’t always images: you can buy virtual land in NFT form on a number of websites, including Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Minting NFTs Vs Buying NFTs

When you mint an NFT, you are building something completely new. You may either mint from a new web-based work or convert anything you’ve generated into NFTs, such as art, memes, poetry, or music. Purchasing one, on the other hand, would need the use of an already minted item. Therefore, there are a few other important distinctions, such as the quantity of money required and the level of risk you are ready to accept. These are the two main differences between minting and buying nfts.

4 Ways Minting NFTs vs Buying NFTs Can Help You Live to 100
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What Do You Mean by Minting NFT?

When you mint an NFT, you would be the first one to own it. To put it another way, you are the creator of this piece of art or nft art. Minting is the process of transforming an object into a digital asset. It may then be traded just like any other NFT.

Frequently, the project will be in its early phases.

How to Mint NFTs?

1. Sign up for a Metamask Account: To make your wallet, you’ll need this. You will be able to keep your digital materials in this folder. The program will be available for download on the Metamask website.

2. Set up your Shop: You must first choose the site you wish to use, and afterward connect your Metamask wallet to it. This will allow you to sell the NFTs. Opensea and Raible are two prominent sites for this.

3. Add products to your Shop: Digital art, motion graphics, and music will all be available to you. All you have to do now is upload it, select a price, and put it in your store. This should be a simple procedure.

4. Make a payment for your Gas Fee: You must first pay the gas costs from your Metamask account before you may mint the token. This is the cost of a transaction. It’s worth noting that some platforms, such as Raible, may eliminate the transaction charge entirely.

How to buy NFTs or Where to buy NFTs?

It’s all based on the project you’re interested in, there are a variety of methods to purchase an NFT. Therefore, we begin, you must first determine which blockchain your NFT was built on. There are a variety of blockchains that are gaining popularity, including:

But don’t get too caught up in all the names. Ethereum is now the most popular blockchain platform for issuing NFTs. Once you’ve grasped this concept, you’ll need to visit an exchange or marketplace, select the NFT you desire, and pay to buy these. This transaction is frequently carried out in Ethereum, however, NFT is also supported by other cryptocurrencies.

4 Ways Minting NFTs vs Buying NFTs Can Help You Live to 100
Photo by Behnam Norouzi on Unsplash

The NFT will be transferred to you after this is completed. You will be able to verify your ownership because it is encoded on the blockchain and You’ll be able to sell it to other individuals for a profit or a loss from there.

Hence, allow me to skip to the point and walk you through the steps of purchasing your first NFT on an Ethereum platform.

  1. Look for a project that interests you, The very first step is to choose a project in which you are interested and which you believe will increase in value through the period.
  2. Download a wallet such as Metamask, Trust wallet, or Coinbase to exchange your fiat cash into a suitable cryptocurrency (ETH).
  3. Kindly link your wallet, It will enable you to buy the NFTs. Check if this is a legitimate site and a reputable project before proceeding. There are numerous scammers out there, so take caution.
  4. Choose the project you would like to mint and go over the specifications. You can authorize the transaction after you are satisfied.
  5. Take a look at your wallet, The NFTs should be reflected in your account. You may frequently see and sell goods on a marketplace, such as OpenSea.

5 Advantages or Disadvantages of Mint NFT vs. Buy NFT

You should now have a better understanding of that each of these settings works. Then we can go further into the pros and cons so you can choose the best solution for you.


  • There are extra benefits to minting an NFT. You could be able to arrange it such that you receive royalties from the NFT. This implies that you will receive a tiny percentage of any future sales. If you mint a famous token or be a prominent and collectible NFT artist, this may be quite profitable.
  • Financing in an NFT firm is equivalent to precious metals. You could get lucky and mint an extremely popular token.
  • Whenever you acquire an NFT, you get a little more data, which allows you to determine whether you are making a wise decision. You will, for example, be able to view the past price graph. You’ll also have a greater understanding of the sort of demand that exists.
  • Minting is frequently less expensive. All you have to do is locate something to mint & pay the gas expenses.
  • Purchasing an NFT, on the other hand, will be less hazardous because you already know how people would react to the idea.


  • It will be riskier to mint an NFT. Often, the project will be in its early phases. As a result, predicting whether they will take off or land will be difficult. Even if you do some study and look at prior patterns, there are no assurances in the area of NFTs ever.
  • Alternatively, you may be stuck with a project in which no one is interested and lose all of the cryptocurrency you spent.
  • On the other hand, Minting your own NFTs, will be a more complicated operation. You’ll need to handle your own marketing if you’re selling your own artwork. You’ll have to persuade folks to pay close attention to your project and purchase your NFTs. Although this will require a significant amount of effort, and has the ability to be extremely profitable.

Buying and reselling NFTs, while still risky, is a rather simple proposition. Everything you have to do is determine which projects’ values may rise in the following extended periods of time.

4 Ways Minting NFTs vs Buying NFTs Can Help You Live to 100
Photo by Tezos on Unsplash

How to Add More Value to these NFTs?

Whether you are an NFT collector or an NFT maker, you must understand why people find a piece of minted NFT art important and limited. For Mike Winkelmann, it was a labor of passion that paid off in the wild digital century of NFTs. 

Winkelmann, also known as “Beeple,” worked on his project “Everyday’s — The First 5000 Days” for 5,000 days between 2007 and March 2021, before selling it for $69.3 million.

Even more surprising, it was an NFT, or non-fungible token, a one-of-a-kind digital asset. It is the most money ever paid for a work of art of this type. That’s a milestone that will undoubtedly be broken shortly as NFTs gain popularity in the realm of digital art ownership.

Let’s take a closer look. What precisely makes NFT art so expensive and collectible?

1. Famous Creatives are Joining the Revolution

Today, well-known artists are betting on the new platform, as collectors are paying attention. NFT blockchains now have a significant influencer culture as well.

Paris Hilton (yes, that Paris Hilton) developed a series of crypto art – animals named after different forms of NFT money — that sold for more than $1 million.

2. The Making of History

Collectors will spend astronomical sums of money to acquire the “first” of something or a historical relic, such as the first picture or the Queen Bands first album.

This idea converts into useful NFTs. For example the twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s 1st tweet “just setting up my twttr” – sold as an NFT for $2.9 million in March 2021.

3. NFTs Make Digital Art Unique

Since digital art is so readily available, it has been accessible and sold for generations at typically low rates. However, with the introduction of NFTs, digital art was not only unique but also validated as such.

Because digital art is so commonly accessible, it has been offered and sold at cheap prices for years. Digital art seems to be not really one, but also verified as such, thanks to the development of NFTs. For now, NFTs are, for want of a better phrase, awesome. 

The first NFTS sold on the Ethereum network was CryptoPunks, a 10,000 character collection.

Take another example of “Forever Rose,” a digital image by crypto art pioneer Kevin Abosch, sold for $1 million on Valentine’s Day.

It implies that even fewer digital artists who initially sold or gave away digital art have made thousands of dollars on work that was previously of little or no value, such as memes and GIFs.

4. They may be used in a variety of ways

NFTs are technically yet another artwork, but part of their worth comes from the fact that they may be used in a variety of profitable ways. This possibility generates an entirely new source of income for corporations and creates radical innovation.

As a result, the future value of an NFT is significantly weighted in its current worth. Anyone can purchase an NFT game and then sell NFT game tickets. Firms can also provide incentives to people who have an NFT issued by the company.

Closing Thoughts

As you’ll see, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are here to stay. It could be a good idea to become engaged if you’re a digital artist or content developer. 

An NFT can be obtained in two different methods. One may either produce one yourself by minting it, or you can buy one already made. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Eventually, the direction you take will be determined by your investment approach. Always use caution while dealing with cryptocurrency. There are many more failures than successes in most cases. The second nice thing is that buying NFTs from your favorite artists and bands is just simply enjoyable.

To that end, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the cryptocurrency world, finding a solid crypto wallet, and researching the many marketplaces where you may buy NFT collectibles.


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