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Top 10 Free Font Websites for Commercial Use in 2022

Top 10 free font websites for commercial use in 2021

Are you looking for some great free font websites to utilize for your next commercial or personal project? We’ve got you covered; keep reading for our list of the finest free font sites on the web.

Typography is used extensively in a variety of designs, ranging from product packaging to mobile apps and beyond. Today, we’ll look at the best sites to obtain free typefaces, so you can step up your design game.

There is always the topic of where to get free fonts? Thankfully, there are a number of free font websites available on the internet. A popular premium font license is not affordable to everyone. If you’re searching for a typeface to use in a new branding project, a poster, or a website, you’re probably seeking one that can be used commercially and, ideally, for free.

You may get a great-looking font for free from a variety of sources. We filtered down the list to the top ten free fonts for commercial use on websites. These are the best free fonts online, take a peek around.

Top 10 Free Font Sites of 2022

Google Fonts is one of the first sites that pops up while search for free fonts. There are over 800 font families in this vast collection, ranging from sans serif to handwritten fonts, monospaced fonts, and more.

For speedier and more dependable font hosting, web designers rely on Google Fonts. Most designers, however, are unaware that the typefaces in Google Fonts may be downloaded.
The great thing is that all the typefaces on Google Fonts are free. You are free to use them whatever you choose.

Font Squirrel is another reputable site for getting high-quality free fonts. The majority of the typefaces in Font Squirrel are also available with business licenses. To avoid problems, the site makes it simple for users to check the licensing for each typeface before downloading it.

Font Squirrel also includes a number of handy tools, such as a Web font Generator for producing custom web fonts and a clever Font Identifier for detecting and locating fonts based on photos these are free fonts copy and paste only.

Another popular site for getting free fonts is DaFont. The majority of the typefaces on the site are only for personal use, although there are a few that have commercial licenses as well.

DaFont’s category system is one aspect that sets it apart. Which allows you to search through its font library by genre, such as horror fonts, video game fonts, valentine fonts, and more. This makes it simple for designers to choose typefaces for a variety of projects.

Dribbble is a comparable but less well-known site to Behance. However, because Dribbble is popular among UI Designers, you’ll discover a large range of typefaces on the site. To get started, simply Google “free fonts.”

Despite the fact that the collection isn’t as large as Behance’s, there are plenty of contemporary, script, and serif fonts available.

Don’t be fooled by the name. There are almost 9,000 fonts in 1001 Fonts. A constantly updated selection of high-quality typefaces may be found on the site. Many of the typefaces can be used for commercial purposes.

You may also sort the fonts in 1001 Fonts by font style, size, and even weight to locate fonts that match your creative projects quickly.

Awwwards is a popular website for web designers. It’s a place where designers gather to get ideas and show off their greatest work. There’s also a free fonts section on the site with some of the most unusual and unusual typefaces you’ll ever see.

The majority of the free typefaces in this collection are for personal use only. There are also typefaces for business usage. This collection contains a few hundred free fonts that are distinct from the rest of the free fonts available.

Over 32,000 free typefaces from over 2,100 artists are available on this website. There are over 746,000 people that appreciate downloading free fonts on the site.
FontSpace has a lot of free fonts that you may use for your personal projects. Simply hovering your mouse over a font while browsing will reveal the typeface’s license information.

As a registered user, you may establish a personal favorites collection to make it easier to find the finest fonts, as well as contact the creators and give a few bucks.

Behance is a website where some top designers in the world display their work. Some designers use it as a portfolio website, while others use it to share and exhibit their work, whether it’s design files or typefaces.

If you want to play around with typefaces, go to Behance and search for “free fonts.” You won’t always discover a whole font set with various variations, but you’ll almost always discover something that interests you.
On Behance, designers provide a lot of free stuff, including free typefaces. A fast search on the website will yield an unending number of typefaces that are accessible for free download.

If you’re seeking for typefaces for a graphic design project, Behance is a fantastic place to start. Any project including logos, social media banners, or posters will provide positive results. However, if you’re searching for a new typeface for a branding project, such as a website or blog, this is definitely not the place to search.

9. Fontsly

Fontsly is another free font site with a vast selection of different font types. You’ll discover many options on our site, whether you’re seeking a plain sans-serif font, Gothic font, or free handwriting fonts.

The majority of the typefaces on the site are only accessible for personal use. There are additional free typefaces available for business usage.

FontStruct is a font-making program that lets you make your own typefaces out of geometrical shapes. The program creates TrueType fonts from your designs, which you may use in any software and for any type of work.

There’s also a font gallery with over 43,000 typefaces on the site. The majority of them are made by people just like you. Everything is available for free download. You may even clone other people’s typefaces to create your own custom fonts.

The Bottom Line

Premium fonts are also available for free download. Every month, popular marketplaces like Creative Market and Envato Elements give away free goods to their registered consumers. It’s an excellent approach to get high-quality fonts without paying any money.

Alternatively, if you have little money to spare, you can join Envato Elements and download hundreds of premium typefaces for a cheap monthly fee!

The free font websites listed above make it simple to select a suitable font. Thousands of fantastic fonts are available for download to add some flair to your project. If you’re a designer, you’ll probably want to import the font into Photoshop. You may also utilize the typeface in your preferred word processor to add some flare to your writings.

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