Top 10 free font websites for commercial use in 2021

Top 10 Free Font Websites for Commercial Use

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  • Post published:August 20, 2023
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Do you need some amazing free font websites for your next business or personal project? We’ve got you covered; read on for our list of the best free font sites on the internet.

Typography is widely employed in a wide range of designs, from product packaging to mobile applications and beyond. Today, we’ll look at the greatest places to get free fonts so you may improve your design skills.

There is always the question of where to get free fonts. Fortunately, there are several free font websites on the internet. Everyone cannot afford a popular premium font licence. Whether you’re looking for a font to use in a new branding project, a poster, or a website, chances are you’re looking for one that can be used commercially and, preferably, for free.

A great-looking font may be obtained for free from a number of sources. We narrowed it down to the best 10 free fonts for business usage on websites. Have a look around at the greatest free fonts available online.

Top 10 Free Font Sites of 2023

When searching for free fonts, Google Fonts is one of the first sites that appears. This large collection contains over 800 font families, ranging from sans serif to handwritten fonts, monospaced fonts, and more.

Web designers rely on Google Fonts for faster and more reliable font storage. Most designers, however, are unaware that Google Fonts fonts may be downloaded.

The best part is that all of the fonts on Google Fonts are free. You are free to use them anyway you see fit.

Font Squirrel is another trustworthy source for high-quality free fonts. The majority of Font Squirrel’s fonts are also available with commercial licences. To prevent issues, the site allows users to easily verify the licence for each font before downloading it.

Font Squirrel also contains a variety of useful tools, such as a Web font Generator for creating bespoke online fonts and a smart Font Identifier for recognising and discovering fonts based on photographs.

DaFont is another famous site for finding free fonts. The bulk of the fonts on the site are exclusively for personal use, although a handful do have commercial permissions.

One feature that distinguishes DaFont is its categorization system. You may browse its font collection by genre, such as horror fonts, video game fonts, valentine fonts, and more. This makes it easier for designers to choose fonts for a wide range of projects.

Dribbble is similar to Behance but less well-known. Yet, since Dribbble is popular among UI Designers, the site has a wide variety of fonts. Just Google “free fonts” to get started.

Despite the fact that the selection isn’t as extensive as Behance’s, there are plenty of modern, script, and serif fonts to choose from.

Don’t be taken in by the name. 1001 Fonts contains around 9,000 typefaces. The site has a regularly updated collection of high-quality fonts. Several of the fonts may be used commercially.

To rapidly find fonts that complement your creative endeavours, you may sort the fonts in 1001 Fonts by font style, size, and even weight.

Awwwards is a renowned web design community. It’s a gathering place for designers to share ideas and showcase their best work. There’s also a free fonts area with some of the most unique and weird typefaces you’ll ever see on the web.

The bulk of the free fonts in this collection are intended for for personal use. There are various fonts designed for corporate use. This collection includes a few hundred free fonts that stand out from the rest of the free fonts accessible.

This website has over 32,000 free fonts created by over 2,100 individuals. On the website, approximately 746,000 users enjoy downloading free fonts.

FontSpace features a large collection of free fonts that you may use for personal projects. When browsing, just hovering your cursor over a font will show the typeface’s licencing information.

As a registered user, you may create a personal favourites collection to help you locate the best fonts, as well as contact the makers and donate a few dollars.

Behance is a website where some of the world’s best designers showcase their work. Some designers use it as a portfolio website, while others share and display their work, whether it’s design files or fonts.

Go to Behance and search for “free fonts” if you want to experiment with typefaces. You won’t always find a whole font family with several variants, but you will usually always find something that piques your attention.

Designers contribute a lot of free material to Behance, including free fonts. A quick search on the internet will give an infinite number of fonts available for free download.

Behance is a great place to start if you’re looking for fonts for a graphic design project. Each project, whether it is a logo, a social media banner, or a poster, will provide great results. If you’re looking for a new font for a branding project, such as a website or blog, this is not the place to look.

9. Fontsly

Fontsly is another another free font site that offers a diverse range of font styles. On our site, you’ll find a plethora of possibilities, whether you’re looking for a simple sans-serif font, a Gothic font, or free handwritten fonts.

The bulk of the fonts available on the site are intended for personal use. There are more free fonts available for commercial use.

FontStruct is a font-creation application that allows you to create your own types using geometrical forms. From your drawings, the application generates TrueType fonts that you may use in any software and for any sort of work.

The site also has a font collection with over 43,000 types. The vast majority of them are created by individuals like you. Everything may be downloaded for free. You may even make your own bespoke fonts by cloning other people’s typefaces.

The Bottom Line

Premium fonts may also be downloaded for free. Popular marketplaces like as Creative Market and Envato Elements give away free products to their registered customers every month. It’s a great way to acquire high-quality fonts without spending any money.

If you have a limited budget, you may join Envato Elements and download hundreds of premium fonts for a low monthly charge!

The free font websites mentioned above make it easy to choose an appropriate font. There are plenty of wonderful fonts available for download to add flare to your project. If you are a designer, you should definitely import the font into Photoshop. You may also use the font in your favourite word processor to spice up your work.


How to install fonts?

For most systems, installing fonts is a simple operation. The typical processes for installing fonts are as follows:

  • Get the font file here: Fonts may be obtained from a number of places. Be sure you get the font from a trusted source.
  • Unzip the file: Most font downloads are zipped files. To access the font file, you must first unzip the file.
  • Install the font: After you’ve obtained access to the font file, you may put it on your computer. Your operating system will determine how to install a typeface.
    • Right-click on the font file and pick “Install” from the context menu.
    • On Mac, double-click the font file, then choose the “Install Font” option.
  • Restart your design software: If you were using it when you installed the font, you may need to restart it for the new font to display.
    That’s all! Once installed, you may use the font in any design programme that supports custom fonts.

Can you recommend any excellent free font websites?

There are several excellent sources where you may get free fonts for your projects. Google Fonts, Font Squirrel, DaFont, and 1001 Fonts are other popular possibilities.


Are there any tips for using free fonts effectively in my designs?

Yes, here are a few tips:

  • In a design, no more than 2-3 distinct typefaces should be used.
  • Choose typefaces that compliment one another. Ensure that the font is readable and simple to read.
  • To add visual interest, use several weights and styles of the same typeface.
  • While selecting a typeface, consider the mood and tone of your design.

How can I make use of the typefaces available on these websites?

After downloading the fonts, install them on your computer and use them in any programme that enables you to choose a font. This contains Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and many more apps.

Are the typefaces available on these websites really free?

The typefaces on these websites are usually free to use for both personal and business applications. But, always check the licence information for each typeface to ensure that you’re using it properly.

Can I use these websites to generate my own fonts?

Font generators are available on several font websites, allowing you to build your own bespoke fonts. This may be a unique and entertaining approach to personalise your design work.

Is there any danger in getting fonts from free font websites?

Be careful while downloading fonts from free font websites, since some may include viruses or malware. Adhere to trusted websites and do a virus check on any files you download.

How can I get fonts from free font sites?

To get a font from a free font website, go to the font’s page and click the download button. The font file will be downloaded to your computer, where it may be installed on your device.

Can I make my own fonts using a free font website's font generator?

Several free font websites have font generators, which enable you to develop your own fonts. You may customise the font’s style, characters, and other features before downloading the font file to use on your device.

Is it okay to use free typefaces in commercial projects?

That depends on the font’s licencing. Some free typefaces are free to use commercially, while others may have limitations. When using a typeface for commercial purposes, be sure to read the licencing details for that font.

How can I use a free font website to discover the ideal font for my project?

You may filter fonts by style, category, and other features using the search tool on free font websites. You may also preview the fonts before downloading them to see how they appear.