8 Best Free Infographic Tools of 2022

8 Best Free Infographic Tools

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  • Post published:October 8, 2023
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Infographics are by far the most effective methods to display facts without boring your audience. Many people have excellent data, but they lack the skills necessary to generate insightful and quite well infographics.

However, there are several infographic tools available that can assist you in creating vibrant charts and graphs in seconds or without much work. These infographic makers will also supply you with free infographic templates so you can get started right away. Check out our selection of the above 8 infographic tools to quickly create stunning infographics.

8 Tools to Make Your Own Infographics in Minutes

1. Piktochart

One of the greatest tools for creating interactive charts and maps is Piktochart infographics. Piktochart is a web-based application for making infographics, presentation slides, reports, flyers, posters, and other visuals for print and online consumers. Symbols, text elements, styles, built-in pictures, as well as your own pictures or clips may all be used to build dynamic charts. You can easily assemble and create reports using the drag-and-drop tool. It’s an internet software that provides an all-in-one visual storytelling tool.

Piktochart makes it easy to create: — 

  • High-quality infographics 
  • Attractive presentations
  • Insightful reports
  • Eye-catching posters
  • Free access to high-quality content
  • Team collaboration on projects

2. Venngage

Another online tool for making infographics, presentation slides, reports, flyers, posters, and more is Venngage. It’s a set of beautifully designed templates that anybody can use to create infographics for free, even if they don’t have any design experience. The infographic maker on Venngage is ideal for non-designers.

Beautiful infographics can be created in three simple steps.

  • Infographics may be created utilizing 7500+ pre-made templates for a variety of sectors.
  • Make your infographic with the drag-and-drop editor, stunning icons, free pictures, and charts. It’s an online infographic builder that’s simple to use.
  • Your infographics may be downloaded and shared, or you can invite your colleagues to participate.

3. VistaCreate Infographic Maker

VistaCreate (formerly known as Crello) is an excellent tool for creating infographics. It has a large collection of professional templates as well as several editing tools for customizing them. There is significant competition between Crello vs Canva.

You may create a variety of infographics, including interactive graphics, and export them in a variety of formats. You could also use VistaCreate’s editor to post free visuals and invite everybody to collaborate on infographics. This online graphic design tool allows anybody with no design expertise to quickly generate images for business and personal needs.

How to Use VistaCreate to Make Infographics

  • Choose format
  • Pick a template
  • Customized design
  • Download or share

4. Edraw [Wondershare] 

Edraw is an infographic tool for Windows and Mac that allows you to quickly and easily create Gantt charts, mind maps, infographics, and more. It is totally customizable and includes drawing tools for complete control. Wondershare is a collection of products that are basic, straightforward, and do not require much training.

Edraw software contains all-in-one diagramming and minds mapping capabilities that are both professional and adaptable. The software is classified into three major categories: visualize, innovate, and collaborate.

(i). Visualize \ EdrawMax

  • An all-in-one diagram program with a wide range of templates for many situations, including flowcharts, UML diagrams, presentations, and more. Turn your thoughts into images.

(ii). Ideate \ EdrawMind

  • A flexible mind mapping and interactive brainstorming tool that may be used to develop and organize ideas for a variety of purposes. Make your ideas a reality by putting them into action.

(iii). Collaborate \ EdrawProj

  • For many sectors, a comprehensive gantt chart generator is available to organize and track your plans, tasks, and operations. Transform your thoughts into actionable plans.

5. Canva

Canva is a free online graphic design solution that uses design, picture editing, canva infographics, and layout to help you create stunning final products. Canva has a number of useful design tools, including an infographic maker. You may choose from hundreds of layouts and over a million stock pictures, as well as add your own.

You don’t require any prior design knowledge or experience? You can construct anything, from a picture editor to a collage creator to a logo maker; it’s incredibly basic and straightforward for anyone in the globe to design.

There are unlimited creative possibilities using Canva.

  • Thousands of free customizable templates are available to get you started.
  • Facebook posts with a playful tone, Instagram layouts, an Instagram post creator, an Instagram Story, and mood boards
  • Professional-looking invites, flyers, gift vouchers, and other marketing materials to make your company or occasion succeed.
  • With our logo creator, you can show off your product.
  • Use slick presentation designs and a slideshow creator to visualize data.

6. Cacoo

Cacoo is a diagramming software that lets you make interactive Flowcharts, UML Diagrams, Network Diagrams, and Wireframes.

Cacoo’s advanced editor makes it simple to create stunning images. Begin from scratch or take some inspiration from one of the hundreds of templates available. The templates contain the following:

  • Network diagrams
  • Project timeline
  • Wireframes/mockups
  • Database diagrams
  • Presentations
  • Flowcharts

7. DocHipo

DocHipo allows you to quickly create amazing infographics. Choose from a large range of visually appealing infographic templates. After you’ve chosen a template, use DocHipo’s drag-and-drop editor to make it your own. To make a spectacular infographic, change the color scheme, customize the message, and use attractive images, stickers, animations, and other visual elements.

When you’re happy with the design, you may save it in JPG, PNG, PDF, MP4, or GIF format or use it offline or share it on social media directly from DocHipo.

8. Visme

The infographic tools part of Visme allows you to build interactive infographics by combining charts, widgets, presentations, movies, shapes, and icons. Pop-ups and animation elements are able to allow your infographic more appealing.

From simple brand graphics to fully interactive elements, we’ve got you covered. Visme assists you in establishing the reputation that you need. Visme blends capabilities with ease of use to develop an interface that enables anyone to accomplish their finest work, whether you’re an experienced designer or won’t be allowed with something like a coloring book.

You may achieve this with the assistance of Visme.

  • Boardroom Ready Presentations
  • Engaging Charts and Infographics
  • Professional Branded Documents
  • Social Posts
  • Short Videos & Animations

Closing Thoughts

Use your imagination and all of the infographic tools that are available to show official or just intriguing information such as data, facts, and dates in a more appealing, elegant manner. Infographics are an effective tool for both online and offline marketing. So, have you ever utilized these free infographic creators to save time? Please let me know in the comments below.