Smart Google Chrome Extensions for Video Editing Apps,2021

Smart Google Chrome Extensions for Video Editing Apps,2021

Featuring some best and Smart Google Chrome Extensions for Video Editors out there.

People often assume that as a video editor, we are always looking for tools such as video editing apps, graphic design tools, or aftereffect plugins, Right! But that’s not true!

However, aside from this, there are other tools that we use in our daily routine to speed up our workflow, such as block site extensions for tracing my search, good ad blocker extensions for those tacky ads, free VPN for good search, free video screen recorder for making tutorials, YouTube extensions, or online video calling app from pc, and so on.

So I thought I’d cover some nice and helpful extensions that may help you speed up your workflow, and luckily, The Google Chrome web store offers a wide range of free Chrome Extensions, plugins, and add-ons for video editing apps to make your life easier.¬†

So, without further ado, here are the Smart Google Chrome Extensions for Video Editing Apps,2021

Please keep in mind that while all of these tools are free, some of the services they interact with require premium features or memberships.

Best Chrome Extensions for Video Editors

One of the best chrome extensions for blocking websites. You’ve undoubtedly heard of Adblock Plus Chrome extension (a community-driven application transferred from Firefox) and the unrelated AdBlock. However, AdBlock Ultimate, which does not play games, is a superior choice (like permitting certain “allowed” ads to go through to appease sponsors). It’s open-source and works on Edge, Safari, Brave, and Opera.

Smart Google Chrome Extensions for Video Editing Apps,2021

2. Free VPN Chrome Extension

ZenMate VPN, Touch VPN,  Hola VPN, VeePN are the most famous and best VPN for chrome. A good VPN service should be quick, safe, and simple to use for protecting your online privacy. Take advantage of unlimited traffic and bandwidth from these best VPN extensions.

Vidyard app free screen recorder makes it simple to communicate more effectively using video. You can capture your screen, share your video, and monitor who is viewing it with the Vidyard Chrome extension! In just a few clicks, you can record and share an infinite number of videos for customer presentations, employee onboarding, team updates, and more.

While filming, you may draw on the screen, add spoken notes, or send video emails directly from Gmail or share it on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. For full features, you can check Vidyard pricing on their website, or you can directly do a free Vidyard download.

ZoomInfo Chrome Extension makes prospecting easier. When reading LinkedIn profiles, business websites, or in your CRM or Sales Automation, you may obtain direct phone numbers and email addresses. It’s data on demand: the information you need, when you need it, plus data enrichment for your existing data collection!

Smart Google Chrome Extensions for Video Editing Apps,2021

This YouTube Chrome extension includes a plethora of features that allow you to manage ads as you see fit, control the playback speed and volume level with the mouse wheel, automate repetitive tasks such as selecting the appropriate playback quality, configure dozens of keyboard shortcuts to control YouTube like a pro and download video from YouTube Chrome Extension.

Do you need to create a video from what you see in a Chrome tab? Screencastify will accomplish that without the need for any additional software. It extends beyond the boundaries of the browser tab, capturing the entire screen, including your webcam thumbnail if desired.

Visibility is improved by using animation techniques such as highlighting a mouse in a spotlight. Videos may be saved to YouTube or Google Drive with ease. The free version allows for videos of up to ten minutes in length.

Smart Google Chrome Extensions for Video Editing Apps,2021

We all rely on Zoom Meetings a little too much to get through life, so make it easier than ever by installing the Zoom Chrome extension on the browser toolbar for organizing meetings, you simply have to do a zoom scheduler login and quickly begin your meeting.

The meeting URL is automatically shared with members using Google Calendar.


1. What is Chrome extension?

Google Chrome extensions are applications that may be installed in Chrome to alter the operation of the browser. This involves introducing new features to Chrome or changing the program’s existing behaviour to make it more user-friendly.

2. What is Chrome extension development?

Extensions are software applications that are built on web technologies (such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) that allow users to personalize their Chrome surfing experience. Chrome extensions developer and Chrome extension builder are examples of this.

3. How to delete Chrome extension?

  • Uninstall an extension
  • Launch Chrome on your PC.
  • Click More tools Extensions in the upper right corner.
  • Click Remove next to the extension you wish to remove.
  • Click Remove to confirm.

4. How to add extension in chrome?

  • Open the Chrome Web Store to add an app or extension.
  • Click Apps or Extensions in the left column.
  • Browse or search for the items you want to add.
  • When you’ve found an app or extension you want to use,
  • Click Add to Chrome.

If you’re adding an extension, think about what kinds of data the extension will be able to acquire.


I hope you discover a decent video editor software for your hassle-free video editing job and do let me know in the comments what your favorite Google Chrome extension is, or if we missed any extensions.

Happy editing


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