How To Delete Teamspace In Notion

How To Delete Teamspace In Notion: Declutter Your Notion

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Notion’s collaborative features make it a powerhouse for teamwork, but what happens when a project ends or your team restructures? Deleting unused workspaces and spaces keeps your organization tidy and frees up resources.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to deleting both in Notion, with clear steps for desktop and mobile users.

What is Notion?

Notion is a versatile productivity and collaboration tool that serves as an all-in-one workspace for individuals and teams. Launched in 2016, Notion has gained popularity for its flexibility and ability to adapt to various needs, functioning as a note-taking app, project management tool, knowledge base, and more.

Key features of Notion include:

  1. Notes and Documents: Users can create and organize notes and documents with a variety of formatting options. Notion allows the creation of databases, tables, and multimedia-rich content.
  2. Task and Project Management: Notion provides tools for task and project management, including to-do lists, kanban boards, and timelines. This makes it suitable for individual task organization or collaborative project planning.
  3. Collaboration: Multiple users can collaborate in real-time within Notion, making it a powerful tool for teams. Changes are synced instantly, and users can leave comments, mention team members, and work together seamlessly.
  4. Knowledge Base: Notion serves as a centralized knowledge base where users can store and organize information. This is particularly useful for keeping track of documentation, FAQs, and important resources.
  5. Customization: Notion is highly customizable, allowing users to adapt it to their specific workflows. This includes the ability to create custom databases, templates, and integrations with other apps.
  6. Cross-Platform Availability: Notion is accessible on various platforms, including web browsers, desktop applications for Windows and macOS, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. This ensures users can access their information from anywhere.
  7. Free and Premium Plans: Notion offers a free plan with essential features, and there is also a premium subscription that unlocks advanced functionalities and increased storage capacity.

Overall, Notion’s strength lies in its adaptability and the ability to consolidate various productivity tools into a unified platform. Users from different fields, including students, professionals, and teams, find Notion beneficial for organizing information and streamlining workflows.

How To Delete Workspaces And Teamspaces In Notion

Deleting Workspaces:

  1. Navigate to Settings & Members: On the left sidebar, locate this option between “Updates” and “New page.”
  2. Click “Settings”: This remains on the left panel under the “Workspace” section.
  3. Delete with Confidence: Scroll down and click the prominent red button labeled “Delete entire workspace.” Remember, this action is permanent.
  4. Confirm and Delete: Type your workspace name to verify, then click “Permanently delete workspace.”

Mobile Workspace Deletion:

  1. Access the Menu: Tap the three-dot icon (ellipsis) in the top right corner.
  2. Open Settings: Choose “Settings” from the dropdown menu, indicated by a gear icon.
  3. Delete Carefully: Swipe up and tap the red “Delete my account” button.
  4. Double-check and Remove: Enter your email and tap “Delete account & [number] workspace.” Confirm or cancel as needed.

Understanding Teamspace vs. Workspace

A workspace is your default Notion hub, while teamspaces offer dedicated areas for specific projects or teams. Adding members to either incurs billing, so deleting unused teamspaces saves costs.

Deleting Teamspaces:

Method 1: Through Teamspace Settings

  1. Locate the Teamspace Menu: Hover over the teamspace name and click the ellipsis icon (three dots).
  2. Access Settings: Choose “Teamspace Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Navigate to General: Click the “General” tab, located to the left of the default “Members” tab.
  4. Archive and Confirm: Scroll down and click “Archive teamspace” in the “Danger Zone” section. Retype the teamspace name and select “Archive teamspace” again to confirm deletion.

Method 2: Archiving for Deletion

  1. Click the Ellipsis Menu: Similar to Method 1, access the three-dot menu beside the teamspace name.
  2. Choose Archive: Select “Archive teamspace” from the options.
  3. Confirm Deletion: Enter the teamspace name and click “Archive teamspace” once more.

Remember: Archiving a teamspace essentially hides it from your active view. You can restore it later if needed. Permanent deletion occurs through the “Teamspace Settings” method.

Additional Notion Teamspace Management Suggestions

In addition to learning how to remove Teamspaces in Notion, it’s critical to build strong workspace management habits. 

Here are a few more pointers to help you get the most out of your Notion Teamspaces:

Monitor and Clean Up daily: Examine your Teamspaces to find those that are no longer actively utilized or relevant. Deleting unneeded or obsolete Teamspaces may help simplify and organize your workplace.

Prefer Renaming or Archiving Over eliminating: If you depend on its contents for future reference, contemplate archiving or renaming a Teamspace rather than eliminating it. You can maintain the content of a Teamspace by archiving it, which keeps it hidden from active view, and you may rename it to make it simpler to understand why it exists.

Engage in Team Communication: Before deleting a team space, ensure that all members are informed of the intended course of action by communicating with them. Discuss the reasons for the deletion and, if required, provide alternate solutions or approaches. Open communication may assist in minimizing misunderstanding or the loss of vital information.

Make Use of Templates: Notion provides various templates to assist you in rapidly and effectively creating new Teamspaces. Templates are pre-made templates for project management, meeting notes, or task tracking. Using templates will help you save time while also ensuring uniformity throughout your Teamspaces.

Customize Permissions: Use Notion’s permission settings to restrict access to your Teamspaces. Assign appropriate permissions to team members, providing them access and editing privileges as needed. Customizing permissions ensures that sensitive information is kept safe and only available to those who need it.

Utilize Integrations: Investigate integrations with other products and services to improve the functionality of your Teamspaces. Notion integrates with major productivity tools such as Trello, Google Calendar, and Slack. Using these connectors may help you to simplify your operations and increase cooperation.

Frequent Data Backups: Although Notion offers strong data protection, it’s a good idea to periodically create backups of critical information. You may back up Teamspaces or particular pages, ensuring you have a duplicate of vital information even if it is accidentally deleted or lost.

By applying these extra techniques, you can maximize your use of Teamspaces in Notion, keep your workplace tidy, and support efficient team communication.

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In conclusion, by following these steps and understanding the key differences between workspaces and teamspaces, you can effectively manage your Notion environment and keep it organized for optimal productivity.


Can I recover a deleted workspace/teamspace?

Unfortunately, no. Deletion in Notion is permanent.

I’m not the workspace/teamspace owner. Can I delete it?

Only owners have deletion privileges. You can request the owner to handle it.

Can I transfer pages before deletion?

Yes, you can move pages to another workspace or export them for safekeeping before deleting the workspace/teamspace.

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