create a stunning design portfolio in under 15 minutes

Create A Stunning Graphic Design Portfolio In Under 15 Minutes

In today’s generation, everyone seems to be creating their own companies or freelancing as a designer or illustrator. Whether you are an amateur designer looking for some tips on how to make your work stand out from others, or a seasoned professional looking for fresh inspiration on how best to put together a portfolio, this article has something for everyone!

It’s time to revive the golden age of design. We have all seen the power of great design and it’s time to bring it back. In order for you to build your graphic design portfolio, you need to create some stunning pieces of work that people will fall in love with. Let’s see what they are without further delay.

It is a fact that graphic design is a subjective art. There are no fixed rules and guidelines on how a particular type of design should be made.

What is a Graphic Design Portfolio?

A graphic design portfolio is a document that stands as proof of your skills. It typically contains examples of your work, information about your personal brand, contact information, and sometimes even an online portfolio.

Basically, A graphic design portfolio displays your work in an organized way with some details about the project and the client involved. It is like a showcase for your work, which includes sketches, logos, illustrations, photographs. A portfolio typically includes some written content about yourself or your area of expertise too.

At the end of your studies, you will need to show your work to potential employers. This can be done in many ways, but visualizing is the best.

5 Easy Ways to Create an Amazing Graphic Design Portfolio in 15 Minutes or Less

If you’re in the field of graphic design and looking for a job, then you must be familiar with this phrase: “Show me your work.” Aspiring designers need to have a portfolio that showcases their skills and experience in order to stand out from the pack.

A graphic design portfolio is a way of showcasing your work and skills, but it’s important to first understand what exactly makes up a great graphic design portfolio or how to create your portfolio. Below, we’ve listed five easy ways to create an amazing graphic design portfolio in 15 minutes or less.

1. Use a digital template:

Create a basic HTML website like or make use of an app like Canva to create your design portfolio without any hassle. Canva is an easy-to-use online tool that enables you to make attractive designs in seconds with its drag-and-drop interface which includes fonts, images, and text formatting tools like color palettes and grids. These templates can be customized easily and they can also be reused later on for various purposes such as blog posts.

2. Include your contact information:

Include your name, email address, phone number, social media profiles like Instagram and Twitter, where you can be reached. They help the viewer know who you are and how they can get in touch with you if they have any questions or concerns about your work.

3. Use high-quality photos:

Creative portfolios can be a great way to showcase your skills and get hired for your dream position. In today’s world, images rule. They’re more important than words and they’re the cornerstone of a good design portfolio. The more high-quality photos you can add to your portfolio, the better! But it can be difficult to find high-quality photos to use in your designs. Luckily, there are several websites that provide royalty-free photos for designers and artists.

4. Keep it consistent with the overall style of your work:

Making your work consistent with your overall style will help you to develop an identity for yourself and show that you are a professional. It’s important that the design work you present has a similar look and feel to your brand or business.

5. Consider including old pieces of work that show your growth as an artist:

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your work is improving or not. One way to show that you are getting better is to show a piece of work from a past time period. Showing an older piece of work will demonstrate growth in terms of skill, knowledge, and/or mastery.

Tips for Making a Graphic Design Portfolio Under 15 Minutes
Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

What Makes a Good Graphic Design Portfolio?

Good graphic design portfolios are not limited to what you make on your own; they also include the client’s portfolio. This is because it provides valuable insight into their ideas, inspirations, and skillsets.

If you’re looking for a potential graphic design job, you’ll need to start with a solid portfolio. But before you can build one, it’s important that you know what makes a good one.

Some things that go into designing a good portfolio are the consistency of style and quality of work across the pieces. So it’s important to show range in your skillset and not just focus on one particular type of project or style.

A good graphic design portfolio includes the following:

  • A clear concise introduction to who you are with a brief resume,
  • A list of your work,
  • A list of the agencies you have worked for,
  • A list of past client projects with their client name and brief description,
  • An online portfolio that shows off different types of work, but also includes samples from all the aforementioned items.

Final Verdict!

For graphic designers, creating a portfolio or digital resume is often seen as a difficult process. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to creating a design portfolio that will stand out from the rest.

When you’re trying to land a design job in the professional design industry, you’ll need a solid and polished portfolio. This is why we offer a few tips for creating a portfolio that will stand out from the rest, give these tips a try. They can help you create an online portfolio that is both memorable and professional.

We hope you find this useful and if you have any questions, please let me know in the comment area.

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