Illustration Trends That Are on the Rise in 2022

Top 5 Illustration Trends That Are on the Rise

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A lot has changed in the world of animation and illustration trends since the turn of the century, and with this transition has come to a shift in how we view images. 

The world is getting more visual. The written word is losing way to illustration because people are more stimulated by visuals than by words.

No longer only a straightforward way for transmitting a concept or set of instructions, drawings are increasingly being utilised as a canvas for artists to create their own distinctive impression. 

As the number of individuals utilising their ideas to produce cartoons and animated films has expanded, so has the need for more illustrators.

This tendency has been tremendously exacerbated by the rise of social media which depends primarily on photos as a medium of communication. 

Artistic graphics are growing increasingly popular because they help information engage with people. Below, we have chosen five of the top illustration trends that will be on the rise this year.

5 Illustration Trends That Are on the Rise in 2023

1. Stylized Illustrations

Stylized images are widespread in a broad range of areas. These include comics, movies, and other types of art. They are particularly popular in domains that demand the use of symbols to express complicated concepts. 

They are widely employed for communicating emotion and presenting a tale, however they are generally thought to lack the degree of detail that is essential to communicate information or create a comprehensive narrative.

2. Abstract Illustrations

Abstract drawings bring up their universe where everything is buzzing with vitality. Consider abstract pictures to be the polar opposite of realistic graphics, with exaggerated size and odd colour palettes. 

This trend is particularly successful on social media as it attracts readers’ attention quickly and motivates them to spend more time reading your posts. They may also be utilised to create enigmas or leave onlookers with a feeling of wonder.

3. Digital Media Illustrations 

With the advent of digital mediums like social media, internet, and other types of interactive media, the necessity for artists has expanded. Artists such as photographers and animators are having more opportunity to exhibit their work.

As a consequence, illustration trends have followed suit. Digital illustration is getting increasingly popular as organisations strive for distinctive and creative material to distinguish out from competition.

4. Comic-Inspired Illustrations

The usage of comic-inspired images is not new. However, it has grown increasingly prevalent in recent years. Artists like Miki Mottes and Sam Bosma employ this approach to depict their comics. 

Others like Evan Dahm make artwork for other authors’ comics. Comic-inspired images are sometimes utilised to make the tale seem more lighter or amusing or to emphasise significant events in the plot with a punch.

5. Animation Illustrations

The previous two decades have witnessed an extraordinary transformation in the art world. As computers become more powerful and inexpensive, the technique of illustration has started to be supplanted by animation. 

Today, several computer applications allow for rapid and simple frame-by-frame animations with the push of a button. So why is this happening?

Well, to be honest, it’s because it’s simply extremely amazing to see your previous drawings come to life and you could even get some fantastic ideas by looking back at what you formerly thought was brilliant. 

With the aid of Sketch-a-Sketch, you can discover that old sketch of a house comes to appear like a genuine home. Animation is one of the most popular types of visual storytelling in our day and age. 

It has a long history dating back to the early 20th century when it was predominantly employed in the movies.

Nowadays, animation drawings may be seen in a range of various media such as video games, tv programmes, and even ads.

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What is it about Flat Design that makes it so Popular?

The notion of Flat Design evolved from a desire to put a greater focus on utility rather than resemblance.

Furthermore, with responsive design becoming extremely crucial, flat design enables the user to adapt to various screen sizes even without extra images. 

Google exposed us to one of the first important implementations of Flat Design.

What will be the Future of Ai Shape & Line Design?

Shape and line design, in the past, has always been a significant aspect of print. It is also regarded to be one of the most significant components when it comes to designing a design in the digital age

But with the developments in technology, there are some changes in how designers construct their designs. From drawing to AI tools for form & line creation, what will be the future of this field?

The application cases of AI shape designers are broad – from producing logos for organisations without any professional training to generating designs that are suited for particular age groups or demographics.

Ai shape creator enables individuals who are not expert designers make professional-looking designs without any work.

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What is Trending in Graphic Design 2023?

With a year as volatile and severe as 2021, the design will be indelibly influenced, and we will surely see patterns form in reaction to this year for many years to come. 

We don’t know what those trends will be, but we can make reasonable estimates about what graphic design trends will be in the future year.

These adjustments have resulted in a major shift in the design approach that is often witnessed nowadays. This is why it is vital to pay attention to the coming ones for 2023. There are seven graphic design trends that you should be aware of for the next year.

  • Focused Design 
  • Motion Graphics and Animations
  • New Color Schemes & Hues
  • Use of Data Visualization, IoT data, and AI data in Design Projects
  • Creative Use of Different Materials
  • Creative usage of 3D Printing Technology
  • Unique Typography Designs

How will Technology Impact Graphic Design in 2023?

In 2023, graphic designers will have the option of employing ai graphic design software which may develop font designs on their behalf. 

This programme may also be used by font designers to produce new designs that are compatible for new digital media.

Since the introduction of the internet, technology has had a tremendous influence on what we do in our everyday lives. 

One method of this is via technology influencing our employment, notably the graphic design business. 

AI has made a tremendous influence in recent years notably in areas such as logo design and typography.

Final Thought

Right today, digital technology is offering designers greater flexibility than ever before. With tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop at their disposal, these experts can generate high-quality graphics on their own without having to depend on pricey illustrators or designers. 

We hope this 2023 Illustration Trends will offer you some notion about what’s coming in Latest Illustration Trends or how this Popular Art Trends 2023 will effect the digital media.


Bold and vivid colours, abstract patterns and forms, isometric designs, and minimalism are some contemporary illustration styles that are growing in popularity. Retro and vintage designs, hand-drawn and watercolour pictures, as well as 3D and augmented reality images, are other prominent trends.

The best way to stay on top of illustration trends is to follow design blogs and social media pages that are dedicated to both design and illustration. You may keep current on the newest trends and practises by participating in industry conferences and webinars.

What are the advantages of incorporating modern illustration styles into my work?

As well as making your designs appear more contemporary and new, incorporating current illustration trends into your work will help you stand out from the crowd. Utilizing current trends might also assist you in attracting a younger or trendier audience.

Finding a method to combine trends in a manner that fits your own style is the key to balancing current illustration trends with your own distinctive approach. It’s crucial to draw inspiration from current trends while also giving them your own unique touch to make them your own.

Yes, some illustration trends could be more appropriate for particular markets or businesses. For instance, a minimalist design would be more appropriate for a computer or software firm, but a vintage design might be more appropriate for a clothes line. When selecting which trends to employ, it’s crucial to take the industry and audience into account.

The objectives, target market, and general aesthetic of the project must be understood in order to determine which illustration trends are appropriate for it. It’s critical to choose trends that enhance the overall aesthetic and appeal to the intended audience.

An emphasis on sustainability and eco-conscious designs, abstract and geometric forms, and a continual use of vibrant and vivid colours are some emerging illustration trends to keep an eye on. Additionally, it’s becoming increasingly common to include augmented reality and 3D components in graphics.

An original and creative use of illustration trends may make your business stand out and be more remembered. This may be accomplished by giving a trend a special twist, using surprising colour combinations, or incorporating trends into your brand’s message or core values.