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How To Use MidJourney AI Art To Generate Amazing Images 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) has ushered in a new era of creativity, and MidJourney stands at the forefront of AI art generation. In a market flooded with text-to-image generators, MidJourney emerges as a leader, offering unparalleled realism and detail.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the intricacies of using MidJourney to create stunning AI art, providing insights, tips, and tricks to elevate your artistic endeavors.

What is MidJourney AI Art?

MidJourney AI Art, an exemplary generative AI, breathes life into images based on textual prompts. Positioned among the elite AI art generators like Dall-E and Stable Diffusion, MidJourney distinguishes itself by being self-funded and closed-source.

While the inner workings remain somewhat mysterious, its reliance on cutting-edge machine learning technologies, including large language and diffusion models, consistently delivers impressive and realistic results.

Getting Started with MidJourney AI Art

Step 1: Setting up Discord

To embark on your AI art journey with MidJourney, you first need to set up a Discord account. Navigate to the MidJourney landing page and click on “Join the Beta.” Follow the prompts to create or log in to your Discord account. Join the MidJourney server by clicking on the ‘+’ button in the Discord toolbar, then select MidJourney. As a free member, you can explore the interface and witness the creativity of others.

For a quick start, you can visit docs.midjourney.com

Step 2: Signing up for a MidJourney AI Art Subscription

Also, you can unlock the full potential of MidJourney AI Art by subscribing to one of its plans. With no free trial available, subscriptions start at a reasonable $10 per month. The plans offer varying benefits, including the number of generations and access to private chat rooms. Choose a plan that aligns with your creative aspirations.

For billing and subscription questions, you can visit docs.midjourney.com

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Step 3: Finding the Right Channels

Head to the Midjourney Discord server and join any channel named “general-#” or “newbie-#”. These channels are specifically designed for beginners to get started with the Midjourney bot. The bot will not generate images in any other channels.

Step 4: Start with the /imagine Command

Interact with the Midjourney bot using Discord commands. Commands let you create images, adjust settings, check user information, and perform other tasks. The /imagine command generates unique images from short text descriptions called prompts.

How to Use /imagine

  1. In the message field, type “/imagine prompt:”.
  2. Type a description of the image you want to create.
  3. Send your message. The bot will interpret your prompt and start generating images.

Step 4: Community Guidelines: Respecting the Guidelines

As you delve into the world of AI-generated imagery, remember that the Midjourney bot operates within a framework of community guidelines. These guidelines, designed to foster a respectful and inclusive environment, apply wherever the Midjourney bot graces a Discord server.

MidJourney AI Art Tools and Features

The initial encounter with MidJourney AI Art can be overwhelming, especially in bustling newcomer rooms. For a more focused experience, download the Discord app and access private messaging with MidJourney. This provides a streamlined interface for generating and viewing images. Participating in group rooms can offer inspiration and insights into prompt usage.

Creating AI Art with MidJourney AI Art

Before diving into the realm of AI art creation, familiarize yourself with basic commands. Any prompt in MidJourney AI Art should commence with ‘/’. For instance, ‘/imagine a hyperrealistic image of a dog in the bed of a truck.’ Within a minute, a set of detailed images will materialize.

Explore the buttons accompanying the generated images for upscaling, regeneration, and variations. Leveraging commands like ‘/blend’ allows blending effects when uploading 2-5 images with a text prompt.

Tips for Using MidJourney AI Art Prompts

Mastering AI art creation requires finesse. Here are some tips to enhance your MidJourney AI Art experience:

1. Be Concise

Like crafting a compelling blog post, concise prompts yield better results. Strike a balance between descriptiveness and brevity to avoid overwhelming the system.

2. Use Styles and Mediums

Elevate your creations by incorporating styles and mediums into your prompts. Experiment with descriptors like “Victorian queen” or request images in the style of renowned artists.

3. Combine Concepts

Enhance creativity by combining diverse concepts. Instead of a generic superhero prompt, try ‘/imagine a Canadian superhero’ for more targeted outcomes.

4. Use Lighting for More Dynamic Output

Effective use of lighting enhances artistic expression. Experiment with prompts like ‘/imagine an image of the Eiffel Tower at midday, complete with cinematic lighting’ for stunning results.

Examples of MidJourney AI Art With Prompts

To unleash the full potential of MidJourney AI Art, engage in extensive experimentation. Create unique pieces by using your own images, blending effects, and exploring advanced prompts. Whether transforming yourself into royalty or crafting captivating superhero scenes, the possibilities are vast.

Midjourney Prompts Commands Used:
“An indian man in a city street with a DSLR camera taking a picture of a street that is bright with sunlight and there are 2 cars and a bus. One car is red, the other car is blue and the bus is yellow. The image must be cinematic with some copper color frame”
Image by aiartdigest.com
Midjourney Prompts Commands Used:
“ A little girl with light brown short wavy curly hair and blue eyes floating in space, gazing in wonder at a quasar, Clear, detailed face. Clean Cel shaded vector art by lois van baarle, artgerm, Helen huang, by makoto shinkai and ilya kuvshinov, rossdraws, illustration.”
photo by blueshadow.art
Midjourney Prompts Commands Used:
“An old man sitting on his bed with legs stretched looking through a big window on a green valley full of houses. The houses are chinese style old houses with predominant red, brown and copper color. There are a lot of details on the scene with some snow on the roof, some leaves and trees and old construction details.”
photo by aiartdigest.com

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Final Thoughts

MidJourney AI Art lets anyone unleash their inner artist, no matter if you’re a drawing pro or a total beginner. Use cool tools like blending and custom settings to create mind-blowing artwork that’ll make your friends jealous.

Join the MidJourney AI Art community, where imagination runs wild and creativity knows no bounds. Explore endless possibilities and embark on an artistic adventure powered by AI.


What is MidJourney AI Art?

MidJourney AI Art is a generative AI that creates images based on text prompts, standing out among competitors with its realism and detail.

Is MidJourney AI Art free?

No, MidJourney AI Art no longer offers a free trial. Subscription plans start at $10 per month.

How can I use MidJourney AI Art?

To use MidJourney AI Art, set up a Discord account, join the MidJourney server, and subscribe to a plan. Use commands like ‘/imagine’ to generate AI art.

How do I add MidJourney AI Art to my Discord server?

Follow the steps outlined on the MidJourney AI Art landing page to add the server to your Discord account.

How does MidJourney AI Artwork?

MidJourney AI Art relies on generative AI technology, including large language and diffusion models, to create realistic images based on text prompts.

How long does MidJourney AI Art take to generate images?

The generation time varies, but MidJourney AI Art delivers impressive results within minutes of submitting a prompt.

Who owns MidJourney AI Art?

MidJourney AI Art is self-funded and closed-source, contributing to its unique position in the AI art generator landscape.

How can I use MidJourney AI Art to create AI art?

Subscribe to a MidJourney AI Art plan, use the ‘/imagine’ command with descriptive prompts, and explore additional commands for advanced customization.

What is the best AI art generator, MidJourney AI Art, or Stable Diffusion?

The choice between MidJourney AI Art and Stable Diffusion depends on individual preferences and requirements. Both offer unique features and capabilities.

What are the best MidJourney AI Art alternatives?

While MidJourney AI Art stands out in art generation, alternatives like Dall-E and Stable Diffusion provide distinct approaches to creative expression.

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