A complete Online Filmmaking Course for beginners that's only $99!

Top 12 Online Filmmaking Courses to Help You Master the Art of Cinema

Discover the best free and paid online filmmaking courses, including cinematography, videography, and film editing. Learn the essential skills and techniques to become a successful filmmaker, and find answers to common questions about getting started in the industry.

How to learn videography? This is the foremost questions to be asked by content creator. I am an avid user of all sorts of online courses. People frequently asked me what the best filmmaking courses online?

It’s tough to tell which online filmmaking courses are worth purchasing because there are so many available. These courses will teach you how to write a screenplay, how to be a good storyteller, how to make a film in a variety of ways, and what the fundamentals of filmmaking are, such as lenses, lighting, positioning, sound recording, cinematography, and editing. You will also receive proper filmmaking training.

So, Which course is best for filmmaking?

Look, There are several cinematography courses available online for filmmaking classes, as well as some offline film courses from prominent film academies such as the New York Film Academy, the London Film School, filmmaking schools NYC, the Los Angles Film, and Whistling woods, but we would suggest you give these digital filmmaking courses a try without adversely affecting your budget.

Below, We’ve collected a good selection of what we believe are the greatest sources of filmmaking expertise available, including everything from film theory to how to point a camera. Learn how to film!

Best Online Film Courses

Best Cinematography Courses

For what feels like years, I’ve been watching Philip Bloom on YouTube. When he created some training film classes for Vimeo, I learnt a lot from him in my early days of video creation. He’s now gone all-in on a lesson in creating cinematic visuals, and it’s every bit as epic as his YouTube videos.

Philip Bloom accomplished something quite remarkable by essentially crafting a very entertaining, fascinating, and educational nine-episode series. If you placed this on Netflix, it would completely blend in. It’s well-planned, highly practical, and amusing.

A complete Online Filmmaking Course for beginners that's only $99!


  • Beginners level
  • 8 hours long
  • Transcripts and captions are available
  • 7-day refund policy
  • Available for offline viewing
(Lifetime Membership)

Parker Walbeck and his colleagues at Full Time Filmmaker succeeded in taking all parts of film production, including devices, camera fundamentals, creativity, lighting etc., into simply consumable items, which will transform you into a full-time filmmaker from a complete beginner.

This is the perfect course for absolute novices starting filmmaking for the first time, anybody who wants to elevate all elements of filmmaking, and/or anyone who wants to make money with filmmaking. It covers all you need, is constantly growing and adding new material, and has no real flaws. 

This is something I would suggest to any budding filmmaker/vlogger. This full time filmmaker course content is a complete film editing school.

A complete Online Filmmaking Course for beginners that's only $99!

Fulltime Filmmaker

  • Beginners level
  • Stream all 500+ Videos
  • 30 Day Refund Policy
  • Available for offline viewing

Martin Scorsese, an Oscar-winning experienced director and one of the most highly recognized filmmaking minds in the industry, will be your lecturer for this course! You have certainly seen some of his movies, so you know that this film course is a fantastic chance for learning from the finest. It’s a complete films school.

Students may take up to 40 video courses, covering how to build a good method, to put their own unique ideas into their work, what film technology to use, how to develop their styles, how to work with the writers, cast and direct actors, local scouting, costume design, film production, cinematography, low-budget filmmaking and much more. 

You will also get online cinematography degree for your future job.

A complete Online Filmmaking Course for beginners that's only $99!


  • Intermediate level
  • 4 ½ hours long
  • Taught by Oscar-winning filmmaker
  • 30-day full refund policy
  • Available for offline viewing
Shoot Cinematic Videos On Your Smartphone

How to learn videography with the combination of iPhone filmmaking course, so Andy will be your last stop, If you’ve ever looked at Andy’s movies and wondered how he created them, want to learn from a tour moviemaker a few new methods, or want to unlock your phone’s mobile filming potential, there’s no better way out. 

With just $99, it’s one of the cheapest ways to make a movie and worth every single penny.

I notice a lot of mobile filming lessons or instructive films focusing mostly on the technical side of things, such as equipment and configuration. However, I really liked how Andy gets into taking filmmaking methods, which I thought was incredibly clever, and makes them work on his phone. 

Andy’s videos are videos of the sort in which he edits, shoots, and creates them in that fantastic way. Andy frequently wondered how he conceived of editing or creating them. This course allows you to observe how he does it inside.

A complete Online Filmmaking Course for beginners that's only $99!

Andy To

  • Intermediate level
  • 3 hours long
  • Available for offline viewing

Free online filmmaking classes

Do you want to learn the secrets of the DSLR camera so that you may advance your filmmaking from amateur to professional? Then this Skillshare online filmmaking course is a wonderful option!

Jordy Vandeput, a filmmaker with over ten years of professional experience, will be your instructor for this course. Jordy is also the creator of Cinecom, an education firm dedicated to teaching creative persons in the media sector.

Jordy will teach students filmmaking essentials like as shutter speed, exposure, reading a histogram, ISO, lighting, composition, the rule of thirds, and much more in this starting filmmaking program.

A complete Online Filmmaking Course for beginners that's only $99!

DSLR Filmmaking

  • Beginner level
  • 1 ½ hours long
  • Free 2-month trial of Skill share Premium
  • Share your projects and get feedback
Video Storytelling

You will quickly say, when you look at some of Brandon’s films, that they have a different atmosphere to other films. They emphasize on stories and generally turn slow-motion BROLL shots off for lengthy, deliberate, 24FPS gimbal shots. 

He allows his films to drive the many sorts of tales and rhythms. I was amazed how far he dives into his narrative and provides smart, intriguing knowledge about practical storytelling.

Brandon Li has published his own film school online, called Unscripted Studio, and has published it as a way to learn travel films. However, it covers a tonne of information including: basic camera, Gear Recommendations, Planning & Pre-Production, Editing Boot camp and more.

A complete Online Filmmaking Course for beginners that's only $99!

Unscripted Studio

  • Beginners level
  • 3 hours long
  • Available for offline viewing

Coursera is the most popular online learning platform, they provide all types of courses, even they also provide free online filmmaking course with certificates. Coursera filmmaking classes have been streamlined to encourage students to begin and finish the program. In the various packages, the main aspects of cinematography have been addressed.

You can start with filmmaking crash course, or take some filmmaking summer course as a part-time learning, or you can take their fulled 1 year filmmaking course for proper cinematography study. 

The goal behind this training course is to educate students the procedures from creating a screenplay to producing it as a film. It will also teach students how to write and develop the finest scripts for their films.

A complete Online Filmmaking Course for beginners that's only $99!


Udemy is an online educational website that provides students an opportunity to study filmmaking fundamentals. Udemy’s online courses are intended primarily for students of all levels.

The filmmaking classes were developed by professionals and trained directors, filmmakers and authors who are prepared to instruct students from a professional perspective regarding the filmmaking process. 

The lessons are shown as high quality video files with good audio. Students can decide on Udemy’s vast range of courses.

A complete Online Filmmaking Course for beginners that's only $99!


The filmmaking courses on this site have been specifically designed to educate students how to build engaging Indie films. The lessons are delivered with great audio video snippets.

The professors that made courses on this site concentrated on giving strategies to enable the students in the Indie film business to make their goals come true. Anyone, especially those who have stalled in the film business, can take this documentary filmmaking course.

A complete Online Filmmaking Course for beginners that's only $99!

Indie Film

Teachers that teach filmmaking on this website are examined and may be confident in helping all students to accomplish their goals. 

The sessions include an extensive film, film directing courses and animation course with filmmaking certificate. It is packed with a skilled instructor that exposes all the secrets that may help the students succeed in the film industry wonderfully. 

They also provide free online filmmaking course which you can try.

A complete Online Filmmaking Course for beginners that's only $99!

Future Learn

This is one of the trustworthy website for a long time. Lynda is for students at all levels, filmmaking tutorials on this site have been produced from good coaches. In any field that suits their interests, students can attend film-making lessons and take there filmmaking  degree courses to anothere level.

Extensive courses in documentary production, short films and full films are offered, for example. Students can also take film-making courses focusing on certain film sectors including Hollywood, Indie films and other industries.

A complete Online Filmmaking Course for beginners that's only $99!


On this instructional portal in the specialty, there are over 1500 video courses. The classes were developed and organised for the learner in their own pace to learn all about filmmaking. 

This online filmmaking website teaches educated and professional filmmakers who produce great work.

A complete Online Filmmaking Course for beginners that's only $99!

Creative Live

Final Thoughts

I hope you find your best film course and start your own filmmaking journey instantly. There are several online filmmaking courses available, some are free or more of them are paid, and more are being added on a daily basis. 

So far, these starting from six are received my best recommendation out of the many, but it’s totally up to you. 

Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced pro, or anywhere in between, learning the basics of filmmaking is essential for improving your filmmaking knowledge. 

You can also try out few filmmaking books or books about directing film to grab some extra knowledge, its like cherry on top. 

Now you know how to make a film? Send me any courses you think I should look into or analyze – I’m constantly searching for new resources to help me improve my filmmaking.


What are the first steps to take when learning filmmaking?

To start learning filmmaking, you can begin by researching different aspects of the craft, such as storytelling, camera angles, and editing techniques. Practice shooting and editing your own short films or videos, and seek feedback from peers and mentors. Consider taking a course or workshop to deepen your knowledge and build your network.

What does a filmmaking course entail?

A filmmaking course typically covers a range of topics, including scriptwriting, camera techniques, lighting, sound design, and post-production. It may also include hands-on experience and opportunities to network with other aspiring filmmakers.

What are some free online cinematography courses available?

Some free online cinematography courses include those offered by No Film School, Udemy, and Vimeo.

Are there any free online filmmaking courses that offer certificates upon completion?

Yes, there are some free online filmmaking courses that offer certificates, such as those offered by edX and FutureLearn.

Where can I learn how to film online?

Online resources to learn how to film include YouTube channels like DSLRguide and Film Riot, as well as websites like MasterClass and Skillshare.

What are some resources to learn videography?

Resources to learn videography include online courses on platforms like Udemy and Coursera, as well as video tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo.

Can you recommend a free online filmmaking course?

Yes, some free online filmmaking courses include those offered by FutureLearn, MIT, and the Open University.

Is there an online course for film editing?

Yes, there are online courses for film editing offered by platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and Lynda.com.

How can I learn film editing?

To learn film editing, one can take online courses, watch video tutorials, or practice using editing software.

Are there any film classes available in New York City?

Yes, there are several film classes available in New York City, including those offered by New York Film Academy and School of Visual Arts.

Is there a way to download a free filmmaking course?

Some free filmmaking courses can be downloaded from websites like Udemy and Vimeo, but it’s important to make sure that they are legitimate and not pirated content.

Where can I find filmmaking schools near me?

To find filmmaking schools near you, you can search online or consult directories like the National Association of Schools of Theatre. You can also check with local universities or community colleges.

What are the top-rated filmmaking courses?

The best filmmaking courses depend on your skill level, goals, and budget. Some highly rated options include those offered by Film Riot, MasterClass, and Udemy.

Are filmmaking courses a good investment of time and money?

Whether a filmmaking course is worth it depends on your goals and expectations. If you’re serious about pursuing a career in the film industry, a structured course can provide valuable skills and connections. However, if you’re looking to learn the basics or just for fun, there are many free resources available online.

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