Shocking! AI-Generated Art Won a $300,000 Prize Just by InsertingWords into Text

The annual art competition at the Colorado State Fair this year awarded medals in all the regular categories, including painting, and carving. However, one participant, Jason M. Allen of Pueblo West, Colorado, didn't use a traditional ways to create his work. He produced it using Midjourney, an A.I tool that converts words into incredibly lifelike images.


6 Best Benefits of Business Website Monitoring Tools You Should Know

As someone who owns a website, you know that keeping it up and running is important. But what happens when something goes wrong? How do you know if your site is down or just slow? Website monitoring can help you answer these questions and more. By tracking your site's performance, you can be alerted to any issues that may arise and address them before they cause any real damage. Website monitoring can also help with SEO, marketing campaigns, and data security.

7 Best SEO Tips When Building a Business Website for Small Business
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7 Best SEO Tips When Building a Business Website

Building a great business website requires many elements that work in harmony, and there are so many details involved that it can be overwhelming for both new and established entrepreneurs to keep up with.

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