Photo Editing Tutorial in Photoshop

Photoshop Editing is usually the last step in the process of creating an imageEditing your first photo is like chasing the cloud. There are numerous photo editing tools available, but most photographers begin with Adobe Photoshop for basic editing. 

It’s a strong, but user-friendly app that will help you bring out the best in your photographs, so if you’re a professional photographer, so It is important that you learn how to edit photos in Photoshop.

Photoshop allows creatives to improve their photos in countless ways. Adobe has a vast variety of Editing Software products it’s like a blessing for every artist. You should check it out.

There are 7 basic beginners tips which you should, other than there is nothing like rocket science, it’s very easy you just have to follow the steps, and you are good to go, so without a further delay, let’s get into the tutorial.

Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorial

Before editing any photo, there are few rules that we should consider, and these are:

1. Check the differences between over-exposed and under-exposed images 

2. Understand the white balance 

3. Check the contrast between dark and light

4. Decide on the noise and

5. Try to use raw format rather than JPEGs 


Crop and Straighten

You can cut edges with the Crop tool, adjust the form and dimension of a snap, and even straighten a twisted shoreline.

When you crop the photo remember, do not crop too close to the central piece. Leave a free flow of space around the photo to help align with other elements of your design.



White Balance

This is the second most important tool in photo editing, you need to understand where white looks white, as it should, and not yellow or blue or orange for this you can use the camera raw for balancing the white balance. 



Color Correction

Brighten a photo and make its colors pop is the third most important thing in photo editing, using adjustment layers (Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation) you can correct this, or you can also use the camera raw for a correction here I am using camera raw.

These are the basic color correction tools for any photo, just tweaking the sliders from left to right will help you out.



Remove Unwanted Objects

Removing unwanted objects from your photo is very important and not just looks good but also gives your photo a more professional look. With the spot healing brush tool and the Patch tool, you can easily eliminate distracting elements.



Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is important for smoothing your photo, and it gives you the velvet finish looking photo without doing too much for noise reduction you can manually do this with a noise reduction filter, or you can use the camera raw filter.

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After noise reduction you need to sharpen your photo to give a finishing touch because removing noise also removes the details so for getting back those details we need to sharpen the image, always keep in mind while sharpening your image tweak the slider low as possible when the number is higher your photo will become darker.




After making all corrections you need to save it there are many formats in which you can save but the most famous and used format is JPEG. So how you do that just go to the File tab and click on save as, choose the format, and you are done.

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Final Image

Now congrats yourself, finally you have done it. You edited your very first photo.


I hope this helps you out and If you follow these 7 photo editing techniques you’ll be amazed and start creating stunning images, composition, and photo manipulations in no time at all.

And yes, always remember It’s a process that requires dedication, “practice makes perfect” is certainly true here. The more often you edit images, the more advanced your workflow becomes.

So good luck with your next photo and enjoy editing

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