7 Best Royalty-Free Stock Video Websites to Download

7 best royalty free stock video websites

Featuring 7 best royalty free stock video websites to download for your upcoming projects.

Creating a video content of high quality has always been a costly commitment. However, there are quite a number of royalty-free stock video websites currently available which allow marketers and bloggers to grab audiences without the bank being broken. Being a social media marketer or video editor, high-quality footage will be your first priority.

Talking about these free video sites you can be able to download free stock video templates, free 4k stock footage, royalty-free long videos, or free stock videos with sound yes you heard it right.

However, not all free stock video websites are the same. Some claim to be free, but you can find download limitations and watermarks which do not allow us to use them on a commercial basis.

To assist you with your search, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the finest 7 Best Royalty-Free stock video websites, along with important takeaways and considerations for each.

7 Free Stock Video Sites

To assist creators in bringing stunning concepts and products to life, Pexels offers hundreds of free stock videos & free stock photo websites from a wide range of genres. Pexels is fantastic since it lets you select the quality of your stock footage by offering download links for different resolutions.

You do not need to register on their website to obtain free stock videos. You may, however, sign up for free to identify and follow filmmakers who frequently contribute to the site, as well as store your download history.

All videos on Pexels can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes without the need for watermarks or credit.


Key features:

  • It’s completely free.
  • Select the resolution that you desire.
  • Without a watermark or attribution, videos can be utilized commercially.

Videezy is one of the world’s largest video communities, with users able to download free stock videos from their extensive, high-quality library.

Many of the stock videos are free to use, however, some require you to upgrade to Videezy Pro in order to download. You may buy credits with Videezy Pro to download videos that aren’t available in the free edition.

For both their regular (free) and paid premium material, look at the Videezy license. While their premium material can be utilized for both commercial and non-commercial purposes without attribution, their basic (free) material must be credited.


Key features:

  • Choose from a variety of free and paid videos.
  • To purchase credits for premium videos, join Videezy Pro.
  • Videos that are available for free must be credited.

Mixkit is a completely free stock video website. There is no need to join up, no credit is required, no watermarks are imposed, and all of their high-definition stock videos are available for both commercial and non-commercial usage.

Choose from a wide range of themes and genres, such as business, technology, fashion, travel, the performing arts, and more. You may read their license and terms and conditions here if it seems too good to be true.


Key features:

  • Free of charge
  • Videos can be utilized for commercial purposes.
  • A wide range of HD movies is available.

Pixabay is a free stock video website & free stock photo website with over a million videos available. Simply choose one of their numerous copyright-free videos and your favorite resolution to download – it’s that simple!

All Pixabay stock videos can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes. However, there are a few guidelines to follow.

So make sure you read the Pixabay license to see what you can and can’t do with their stuff.


Key features:

  • Over a million royalty-free stock videos are available for download.
  • You have the option to choose the resolution of your video.
  • All the videos can be used for commercial purposes.

Videvo offers both business and non-commercial users free, high-quality stock videos. This contains 30-second clips with no watermarks that demand attribution, as well as 10-second clips with watermarks but no attribution requirements.

You may also upgrade to their premium plan, which allows you to download a certain number of files each month, depending on your plan.


Key features:

  • Many both free and paid stock videos are available.
  • Subscribe to Videvo Plus or Videvo Pro for premium stock videos.
  • Keep in mind that each video’s license may have different usage rights.

Coverr is a fully free stock video website that offers hundreds of high-quality videos to advertisers and professionals for all of their marketing and branding requirements.

It’s a fantastic resource because there are no watermarks and no attribution is required!

You’ll get a ZIP file with both your movie and a JPG thumbnail picture when you download it.


Key features:

  • Free of charge
  • There are no watermarks or credit requirements on the videos, and they are of good quality.
  • The videos will be downloaded in a ZIP file that includes a JPG thumbnail picture.

Mazwai carefully selects each free stock video it offers to assure the greatest degree of quality. Because of their direct connection with artists, you’ll get amazing stock clips that are suitable for both commercial and non-commercial usage and are accessible in both standard and full HD.

It’s crucial to remember that each video’s creator must be acknowledged. It’s also your obligation to make sure you’re permitted to utilize Mazwai’s video content’s music or sound effects.


Key features:

  • All the stock videos are available for free.
  • Both Standard HD and Full HD versions are available for download.
  • Each video’s creators must be acknowledged.

The Bottom Line

Marketers and individuals who wish to generate high-quality content without spending a lot of money will appreciate free stock videos. They are not only budget-friendly, but they also provide high-quality video templates and free 4K stock footage.

While these wonderful, easy-to-use, free stock video websites are open to everyone, it’s always a good idea to read the licence, terms, and conditions for each one.

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