What Types of Graphic Design Did You Know?

How Many Types of Graphic Design Did You Know?

Graphic Design is a broad term that encompasses many different job roles, and it can be difficult to find the right fit. There are few Graphic design degrees vary a lot, but a level of coursework may be similar across all of them. Some focus on print while others on digital design. While every program leaves room for different career paths, many graphic design degrees lead to working as a graphic artist or designer.

How do you know which type of graphic design career or graphic design course is best for you? 

As a starting you can take a look at what designers around your area and what creatives in similar fields look for in their workers. There are also general industry trends that may help you decide what field to focus on.

The more focused your degree or coursework, the more likely it will be that your career will be successful in that field! Lets take few question to understand this in brief.


Graphic design is a huge field, and there are hundreds of different types of graphic design styles out there. There are so many different types of designers that it can be hard to keep track of them all. That’s why we put together this comprehensive guide to the many types of graphic designers.

This article will cover the following topics:

1) What types of graphic designers there are?

2) The differences between the various categories;

3) Some graphic design examples, and

4) How to break into this industry?

Social Media Graphic Designers: The new job title on the rise

What is a Creative Designer?

Creative designers are also known as graphic designers, web designers, or print designers. Some of them might be involved in creating business graphics while others may be working on an advertisement, logos, brochures, postcards, posters, and other marketing content. A creative graphic designer creates images that are both beautiful and functional. Creative design work is often referred to as art rather than science where visual creativity is key.

Designers play many different roles in the creative industries and in different organizations. They can create a brand strategy, design product, and service packaging, and even write copy for them through their artistic skillsets like photography or illustrations to make a point come alive with their style of work

In the modern world of advertising and marketing, there is a growing demand for graphic designers with the skills of creative designers. Creative designers have had a lot of success in getting their work commissioned by major companies such as Apple Inc., Google Inc.Coca-Cola Co., eBay Inc., Volkswagen.

Types of Graphic Design

What are the Different Types of Graphic Designers and What They Do?

A good graphic designer will need a diverse portfolio, be able to hold their own in most situations, and also meet the needs of your business. Take your time & look carefully through different portfolios so you can find someone who is skilled in what you need. This article will provide you with a list of different graphic designers and the best ways to approach them.

1. Visual or Brand Identity Graphic Designer

An important role in marketing is that of a branding graphic designer. These professionals are responsible for creating visual designs that can help to define, strengthen, and convey the core values of a brand. 

They bring an artistic touch to marketing; not only do they paint the colors or draw the logo for your company, but they also take care of all the design aspects like typography and color palettes

They are able to create printed materials such as posters, packaging, vehicles, etc. The most important aspects of branding for a graphic designer are how it makes the best use of the different senses and whether or not it’s appealing to users.

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2. Art / Illustrator Graphic Designer

Artists are people who make artwork or works of art. They use this artwork to tell a story. They are responsible for the creation of various illustrated pieces, which can be created in a variety of mediums including ink, paper, photography, or digital media.

They are also responsible for creating the visual concepts that shape the story. Graphic Designers are an important part of keeping a brand consistent across all channels, whether it’s on digital media or in print. 

They use visual cues to help users understand information or communicate effectively through the use of typefaces, color, images, layout design, and more.

You, Me And Graphic Design: The Truth
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3. Web Designers (UX / UI)

User Experience Designers are the “backbone of user experience” and are responsible for designing software/devices to improve user behavior. They work on websites, mobile apps, digital marketing, and social media designing intuitive interfaces that are easy to use and compelling. 

They are involved in the creation of all front-end design, but they often specialize in or work most closely with web design. Some are responsible for choosing colors, adjusting images on the page, and designing logos, while others design web layouts and interactive features. As you can say that a website designer, UX/UI designers are considered the ‘brains’ of your website. 

What Types of Graphic Design Did You Know?
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4. Print Media Graphic Designer

In the 21st century, print media still maintains a strong presence in the market, but it is quickly becoming less popular with consumers as digital offerings like ebooks and podcasts gain in popularity.

Print advertisements are often used in books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs and other publications to increase awareness of their brand or to act as part of the company’s marketing strategy. This type of advertising is more effective when the design meets specific keywords of the target audience.

Many print designers have to work with the color & font options given to them in order to produce a visually pleasing product. Choosing colors can be difficult, although they’re important nonetheless.

What Types of Graphic Design Did You Know?
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5. Marketing Graphic Designer

Marketing graphic designers are responsible for the visual aspects of a company’s marketing and advertising campaigns. They are the ones who design all of the company’s advertisements, brochures, billboards, etc.

This can be tough work, but they are an essential part of ensuring that companies have a strong foothold in their market. They create the design, layout, and brand standards for a company’s marketing materials, such as brochures, vehicle wraps, posters, banners, magazine ads, websites, and more.

Social Media Graphic Designers: The new job title on the rise
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6. Packaging Graphic Designer

Packaging graphic design is a type of graphics that are used to promote the product or brand to its consumers. Experience designers are truly essential when it comes to crafting an effective packaging design. 

They’re able to create concepts, develop mockups and create the print-ready files for a product with expertise in print processes and industrial design capabilities. Packaging graphic designers design and create logos, advertisements, packaging designs, labels or beverage cans, and other promotional materials that promote a product. 

Packaging graphic designers use their skills in different media ranging from digital media to print media. Packaging graphic designers are involved in the entire process of designing a package from start to finish.

What Types of Graphic Design Did You Know?
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7. Motion Graphic Designer

Motion graphic design is a graphic design discipline that uses moving images to communicate a message. The concept is best known for its use in movies, commercials, and video games where you’ll find titles and logo designs that can be seen on the big screens.

Motion designers are responsible for providing the artwork, text, animation, sound effects, and music that need to be used in order for a story to be effectively told through visual media.

They are often responsible for the creation of motion graphics that tell a story, produce digital content that tells a story visually, or has an impact on viewers in some other way.

What Types of Graphic Design Did You Know?
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8. Environmental Graphic Designer

Over the years, environmental design has been developed to improve sights & landmarks for better experiences and it does this by connecting people with places. Environmental graphic design helps make this happen by visually connecting places users feel targeted.

Environmental graphic design is an interdisciplinary field! It includes architects, interior designers, landscape designers and industrial designers. Design and architecture are closely related fields, requiring a similar amount of education and experience. 

Designers typically have both graphic & architectural design experience as well as education in those fields. They must be familiar with industrial design concepts and able to sketch architectural plans.

What Types of Graphic Design Did You Know?
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How to Work as a Freelance Designer ?

Working as a freelance designer is the ideal choice for designers who want to be their own boss. Although it means you are responsible for your own work, it also means that you have more freedom in deciding how much time to spend on your project. Freelance designers are able to focus on their work without being too bogged down by administrative tasks or budget constraints.

Freelancing can be a tough prospect, but it doesn’t have to be. By following a few simple tips and tricks, you can make it through your freelance career without any issues! Here are ten secrets that will make your freelance design career easier.

  1. Create a style guide,
  2. Learn how to use artwork in your designs,
  3. Get professional-quality photos,
  4. Research about the market,
  5. Create an email list,
  6. Make contracts with clients,
  7. Make a good portfolio of your work with trending designs,
  8. Ask for reviews from clients after you complete projects,
  9. Give feedback to other designers on social media networks like Instagram and Twitter,
  10. Join online groups or start your own discussion boards where you can share information about design work and connect with other freelancers.

Basic Design Skills to Be a Good Graphic Designer

Graphic design is an artistic and creative discipline. It is essential for all creatives to have strong skills in typography, color theory, visual communication, composition, etc.

While some skills are universal for all designers, some are most useful for specific designers. Here we are discussing the main skills that any designer should have.

Although there are no set requirements of graphic design schools or programs to qualify as a graphic designer, it is essential that one has a good foundation in the following areas:

  • General knowledge of design principles,

  • Basic knowledge of typography,

  • This includes understanding formalism and informalism,

  • Basic knowledge of color theory (warm colors on the red spectrum), Understanding how colors work with each other on different surfaces (highlight colors will appear).

How to Find Which Type of Graphic Designer Fits for Your Design Project?

When you need to hire a creative designer, you should consider their skill sets. There are certain types of designers that focus on particular work like illustration, graphic design, branding, and print design.

There are three general types of graphic designers that you can hire. Which type is the right fit for your needs?

  • The first type of graphic designer is a traditional one. These designers focus on creating artwork and designs for print, such as brochures, ads, and flyers. They typically have a strong background in art and design and a degree in design or a related fields.

  • The second type of graphic designer is a web designer with a focus on UX/UI design. They typically have experience with HTML5 coding, CSS3 styling, and JavaScript development skills. This type of designer is best for designing websites that need to be SEO-optimized as well as mobile-friendly friendly designed to work on different devices.

  • The third type of content creator generally creates digital content, but could also create multimedia for print, or traditional content online. They are defined as having a strong understanding of digital media and social media marketing and are typically skilled in creating unique, engaging experiences.

When it comes to choosing the best type of designer for your company, you should think about your project requirements. Some companies have specific requirements for their projects while others just require creative designers in general.

Social Media Graphic Designers: The new job title on the rise

Final Thoughts!

In this article, we have discussed the role of creative designers in today’s competitive marketing world. We have also analyzed how they have been able to maintain their place with the help of new techniques and tools.

Creative designers use a huge range of skillsets and technologies for different types of projects, so it is essential to be aware of what each skill set entails before you can be creative with it. The best way to learn these skillsets is by working with creative designers every day.

Tip for business owners, Paying for a creative design service may seem like a pricey investment at first glance but these types of services offer many benefits for small businesses in the long run. For example, they can create a distinct brand identity and build an online presence.

The conclusion sums up what has been written in the article and calls for action for those who want to work with creative design professionals. So now you tell me, do you start working with a creative graphic designer today? Share your thoughts.

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