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Ever wonder what Types of Motion Graphics Hollywood uses!

Ever wonder what types of motion graphics Hollywood uses!

If you are a video editor or do some video editing, so you have already heard the term “motion graphics” (sometimes called mograph), but you are probably still, like most people, trying to define what it really means.

In the simplest sense, motion graphics refers to animated graphic design. They bring the graphic design to life by focusing on tools like flat image animation, moving backgrounds to promote the illusion of movement.

This article will be a collection of the different types of motion graphics, and also what is motion graphics. In addition to covering motion graphics styles in this article, we’re also going to look at some good examples of motion graphics to understand the basics of motion graphics design.

Motion Design Definition

Q1. What is Motion Graphic Design?

Motion graphic design, often known as special effects(vfx), is a component of graphic design in that it employs graphic design concepts in the context of filmmaking or video production (or other temporally changing visual media) by the use of animation or film techniques.

Motion graphics is a type of animation that includes text as a key component. It is essentially animated graphic design. Kinetic typography and graphics used in film and television opening sequences, as well as the spinning, 3D logos of some television channels, are examples.

In other words, motion graphics (also referred to as mographs) are bits of animation or a digital video that give the appearance of motion or rotation and are typically coupled with audio for use in multimedia projects. Motion graphics are often exhibited using electronic media technology, but they may also be displayed using manually driven technology.

Q2. How many types of Motion Graphics are?

There are so many types of motion graphics animation. Some are fully 3D motion graphics (animated), while others include live-action video and photography. Animation overlay, such as data visualizations, symbols, drawings, and explanatory text, may also be utilized to support and enhance viewers’ comprehension. Let’s take a look at each of these 7 types of motion graphics one by one.

a. Explainer Video

Explainer videos are brief and easy-to-understand video sequences that show viewers how your product works. This is one of the most commonly used types of motion graphics. This will appear frequently on company feeds since they will have services or goods that need to be clarified.

It expands your options for creating an interesting and sharing motion graphics video for your audience. Because you can incorporate narrative into the mix, it is a method to help consumers emotionally connect with your business.

b. User Interface (UI) Animation

UX, often known as user experience, is closely related to motion design. Motion design is used to improve the user experience while developing a phone app, for example. By including animations on any screen, motion design significantly improves the user experience.

Motion design is utilized in more than only phone applications; it is also used in computers, tablets, smartphones, televisions, and other devices. UX designers utilize motion design to build their prototype and then test it to see whether it is easy to use for the ordinary person or if it needs to be improved.

c. Logos

A moving logo will always make your brand more recognizable than a static one. You may experiment with the design of your logo to create an eye-catching animation. Remember that all motion graphics are really static pictures that have been modified to generate movement.

For example, if your logo includes circular elements, you might have them spin or rotate before joining to form the final picture.

d. Icons

This is the same idea as your logo – look at your symbols and see how you can make them move. Motion graphics is all about bringing to life what is already there. Think of it as video animation, but it is more like 3D motion graphics.

e. Titles

Titles don’t have the same punch when they’re frozen on the screen. Making them move draws attention to them, emphasizing their significance and enhancing your communication.

They employ some excellent motion graphic methods to produce fantastic title sequences. This is especially crucial if your motion graphics film lacks a narration to contain text.

f. Infographics

Facing it, we are sometimes unwilling to skip over it, even when an infographic shows some really fascinating statistics. Making your infographic MOVE, on the other hand, will keep your audience’s attention on the appropriate topics.

As a consequence, you’ll get the message through precisely as you want. These kinds of motion graphics are particularly suitable for sites such as LinkedIn, in which leadership reigns.

g. GIFs

You share them on social media and email them to your friends and coworkers: GIFs are one of the most popular types of motion graphics. While many GIFs are live-action videos that have been converted into GIFs, some are created especially to be GIFs.

GIF motion graphics are extremely useful and successful on social networking. Furthermore, they are quick to produce.

Q3. What Motion Graphics Designer do?

Motion graphics designers, sometimes referred to as motion graphics artists, produce graphics for the web, VFX editing, television, and cinema. This might also contain movie trailers, advertisements, promos, title sequences, and so on.

To bring their works to life, they employ visual effects(VFX), animation, and other cinematic methods. As the name implies, they create visuals that are in motion (graphic design in motion).

Best Motion Graphics Software

When we think of good motion graphics software, the only name that comes to mind is Adobe Aftereffects, right? However, there are more and more motion graphics makers available to create amazing motion designs. Let’s find out what they are.

i. Adobe After Effect

The most popular and industry stander software Adobe After Effects, which allows users to create and alter images throughout time, is one of the major computer applications used by current motion graphic artists.

ii. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro has also proven to be an extremely useful tool for motion designers. Using After Effects and Premiere Pro may greatly enhance any motion designer’s and video creator’s work. Both software’s various effects have proven useful to utilize in any video. To make great videos, motion designers and video editors constantly work together.

iii. Final Cut Studio

Another relative product used in the market is Apple Inc. Motion Final Cut Pro X. is the most widely used professional video editing tool. Editing programs are high-end and may be used to edit anything ranging from home videos, short films, motion design, advertisements to feature-length movies.

iv. Maxon Cinema4D

If we talk about motion graphics so how we can forget Maxon Cinema4D, the only software for mograph, it includes tools for creating motion graphics, such as the native MoGraph plugin or Soft image’s ICE, which may also be used for comparison purposes.

v. Blender

There also another amazing software is Blender, Blender is a free and open-source 3D graphics tool used to create animated movies, visual effects, art, 3D models, motion graphics, video editing, interactive 3D apps, virtual reality games.

vi. Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash has also been widely utilized to produce motion graphic design and 2D animation on the web, where it is sometimes employed in site design but also in some animation goods, such as animated web television shows like Home star Runner.

vii. Adobe Media Encoder

A media encoder is a piece of software that is used to render any video. Because motion designers deal with a lot of video editing and animations, they need software that will help them render their work in the best possible quality. One of the greatest applications for this purpose is Media Encoder, which assists motion designers in producing some of the highest quality renderings.

Online Motion Graphics Course

There are few Professional degrees are available to become a professional motion designer. A degree in motion design aids in the communication of concepts, theories, and messages to viewers, as well as a set of strong talents that aid in a good start in a professional career.

A bachelor’s degree in motion graphics is often obtained after 36 months of study by motion design students. Because of the knowledge difference as well as the educational skill sets, having an education in motion design can help you get a job much faster than someone without an education.

Education helps novices develop skills that will eventually play a significant influence on their ability to progress into higher skill sets much more easily than someone who does not have an education.

However, in today’s digital age, it is not necessary to be a degree holder; you may start your profession immediately over the internet by studying some top YouTubers like After Effects tutorials by Andrew Kramer (Video-Copilot) or take free online courses. You only need to enhance your skills, but understanding the fundamentals is always useful.

Best examples of Motion Graphics

In the film business, motion graphic design is often used. To generate aesthetically engaging images, openings to movies, television shows, and news programs frequently utilize photography, typography, and motion graphics. If you remember the movie Iron Man(Tony Stark), it used a lot of motion graphics, from green screen to 3D animation, title sequences, and so on. They have a long process of production stages.

Ever wonder what types of motion graphics Hollywood uses!
Youtube by FilmRiot
Ever wonder what types of motion graphics Hollywood uses!
Youtube by FilmRiot

The major motion graphics agency, such as motion graphics studios Los Angeles or motion graphics studios NYC, produce high-quality video animations for their films and provide the globe with the greatest motion graphic artists.

In addition to its numerous applications in advertising, marketing, and branding, motion graphics are utilized in software, user interface design, and video game development.

Motion Graphics Video

Free Motion Graphics Templates

The motion graphics templates are basically files of motion graphics animation that have been done by a motion graphic artist or graphic designer. If you are a video editor and don’t have enough time for video editing, you can simply put these pre-made templates into your timeline, and you are good to go. These motion graphics after effects templates, premiere pro templates, are simply available on the market.

There are several free motion templates available on the market that you can download and use straight in your projects. Here are some of the top motion graphic templates websites where you can obtain free or paid motion graphics templates.


I hope this post has given you an idea of what motion graphic animation can accomplish for you. There are several possibilities to begin producing.

Please let me know if you can think of any other examples of types of animation and motion graphics.

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